Dow Litho Technologies Recognized with SMIC’s Best Technical Supplier Award

August 02,2017

Dow Litho Technologies has been selected to receive the Best Technical Supplier Award by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), the largest and most advanced semiconductor foundry in mainland China. Dow is the only materials supplier to receive this award in 2017.

This recognition was given to the Dow team by SMIC’s Litho Technical Board during a joint technical seminar held on June 16, 2017. Among the representatives from SMIC were Joe Gao, SMIC Technical Board chairman; and Mike Chen, SMIC operation senior director. During the award presentation, SMIC leaders noted the value Dow’s team has contributed through educational programs and technical service.

SMIC Litho directors and managers join the Dow Litho Technologies team during the joint technical seminar on June 16, 2017.

SMIC has welcomed us in building a collaborative relationship, and we are honored to be recognized with their Best Technical Supplier Award,” said Gyomei Shiba, China general manager, Litho Technologies, Dow Electronic Materials. “We’re pleased to be able to bring the value of our technical expertise together with our product portfolio to support SMIC’s growth.”


Mike Chen (left), SMIC operation senior director, presents the Best Technical Supplier Award to Gyomei Shiba(right), China general manager, Litho Technologies, Dow Electronic Materials.

Dow’s Litho Technologies business is a leading supplier of photoresists for ArF, KrF and i/g-line; anti-reflectants; topcoats; advanced patterning materials; and developers and ancillaries.

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