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Extending OLED Device Lifetimes

Apr 26, 2018

OLEDs are experience strong market interest, but for even broader adoption, new technology is needed to achieve improvements in efficiency and lifetime. This research examines the effects of the molecular design of molecules within OLEDs and their connection to device lifetime.

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Fine-tuning CMP Slurries for 3D TSV Processes

Jun 27, 2017

Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is a critical element of the 3D through silicon via (TSV) process flow for controlling wafer topography. Here, Dow’s Michelle Ho explains the role of CMP in TSV processes and discusses CMP slurry design for 3D TSVs.

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Cleaning Up PCB Final Finish: Cyanide-Free ENIG Coatings

May 04, 2017

Although there are many potential roadblocks to cleaning up PCB final finishes, reliable cyanide-free ENIG surfaces now deliver low gold porosity and excellent corrosion resistance.

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New Nanorod LED Technology Responds to Light Input

Feb 15, 2017

Novel LED technology could create new possibilities for interacting with displays. Researchers from Dow Electronic Materials and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign report on nanorod LED arrays that could be used to bring displays to life.

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Performance Gains in CMP Slurry for Advanced Semiconductor Nodes

Dec 07, 2016

In a recent Solid State Technology article, Dow authors report on some of the complexities in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes at advanced semiconductor nodes. Dow’s new OPTIPLANE™ slurry platform demonstrates excellent performance in meeting new process needs.

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Dow Presentations Provide Gold, Silver, and Copper Solutions for IoT Devices at IMPACT-IIAC 2016

Nov 09, 2016

Dow was recently one of a few invited speakers outside academia to present at IMPACT-IIAC 2016. Aptly themed, “IMPACT on the Next Big Things,” the conference included panel sessions, industrial sessions and paper presentations on accelerating manufacturing and commercialization. Dow addressed four separate topics, all relating to gold, silver and copper solutions for IoT devices.

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Inkjet Printing for Eco-friendly PCB Etch Processes

Aug 11, 2016

PCBs are becoming more complex and with smaller tolerances and manufacturers keep pace by improving process capability. Drivers, especially price pressures, have driven improvements in efficiency and yield for etch processes. These same trends are driving interest in inkjet printing, which also offers a more environmentally friendly approach over traditional methods.

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Investigating Organic Photovoltaic Cells for Renewable Energy Conversion

Aug 02, 2016

Organic materials have significant potential for the next-generation of high-tech applications like solar cells, LEDs and displays. This paper explores our work with the University of Minnesota to improve understanding of how pure active materials must be to meet industry specifications and optimize device performance.

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Chemical Trimming Overcoat Enhances Multiple Pattern Lithography

Jul 29, 2016

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology is solidly positioned on the semiconductor manufacturing roadmap, but interim technologies are needed to extend 193nm immersion lithography until EUV enters production. Multiple patterning is one such technology, and this article discusses a novel spin-on chemical trim overcoat formulation that simplifies the advanced patterning process.

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Fast, High-purity Cu Plating Enables Next-Gen Devices

Apr 20, 2016

Fan-out wafer-level packages (FOWLP) are poised for adoption in consumer mobile devices while cloud servers are driving the need for 3DIC packages. Copper (Cu) plating forms critical connections from horizontal redistribution layers (RDLs) through vertical pillars. Learn more about Dow’s approach to optimal Cu plating, as presented at the 2016 IMAPS Device Packaging Conference.

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Region Specific Enhancement of Quantum Dot Emission Using Interleaved Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals

Mar 08, 2016

This paper presents a photonic crystal design incorporating two interleaved regions, each with distinct periods in orthogonal directions adjacent to a thin polymer film containing colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, such as quantum dots. The structure enables simultaneous resonant coupling of ultraviolet excitation photons to the quantum dots and visible quantum dot emission at two different wavelengths to efficiently extract photons normal to the photonic crystal surface.

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Lead-free Materials Are Critical to Sustainable Manufacturing

Feb 15, 2016

Dow Electronic Materials has been actively developing a line of lead-free advanced packaging materials that help manufacturers comply with RoHS and REACH, while ensuring a level of reliability equivalent to lead-based materials. This article introduces "Lead-free solder electroplating products for advanced bumping technologies," first presented at IMAPS Device Packaging Conference.

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Double-heterojunction nanorods, a step towards electroluminescent quantum dot displays

Feb 09, 2016

As semiconductor heterostructures play critical roles in today’s electronics and optoelectronics, the introduction of active heterojunctions can impart new and improved capabilities that will enable the use of solution-processable colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals such as quantum dots and heterojunction nanorods in future devices.

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Meeting the Challenges of Copper Plating for Advanced High Layer Count PCBs

Feb 02, 2016

A wide variety of routers, switches, and storage units power today’s Internet. These devices must evolve, offering higher functionality per unit area and relying on state of the art chipsets. This article explores the challenges of manufacturing to meet emerging PCB requirements using Cu plating for advanced high-layer count PCBs.

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Litho University℠: DBARC Technology 101

Nov 18, 2015

DBARC offers a viable alternative to BARC for semiconductor manufacturing, as the relentless pursuit of Moore’s law has stretched lithography to its very limits in the attempt to scale to smaller nodes. In this video, Jim Cameron, Ph.D., provides an overview of DBARC and its application for advanced lithography patterning processes.

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How Laminate Dielectrics Enable Glass Substrates for Advanced Packaging Applications

Nov 16, 2015

The adoption of glass substrates as a replacement for silicon in interposer integration requires interconnect solutions that reduce the size of signal routing and so impose new demands on the dielectric materials. At IMAPS 2014, Dow presented its solution in a paper titled, “Photopatternable Laminate BCB Dielectric.”

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Sustainable and Cost-Effective Tin Electroplating

Oct 14, 2015

Turnkey tin electroplating technologies, which for decades have served the world’s demand for safe food in cans, have hit a snag due to the increased cost of tin and environmental concerns about the release of toxic byproducts. This article describes how methane sulfonic acid (MSA), an efficient and benign chemistry, is becoming the alternative.

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Inner-layer Copper Reliability of Electroless Copper Processes

Oct 08, 2015

The metallization process is at the core of PCBs. Used to make the drilled holes conductive, metallization creates the interconnections necessary to achieve functionality. This article examines common issues related to PCBs and the importance of understanding material interactions to achieve manufacturing control and ultimately interconnect reliability.

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Self-Priming Low Stress Aqueous Developable Benzocyclobutene Photodielectric Materials for Advanced Wafer Level Packaging

Aug 18, 2015

Photoimageable polymeric dielectric materials are in need of modification to meet the warpage targets for thinned 300mm wafers used in fan-out wafer level packages, where lower residual stress is required. This presentation discusses a prototype dielectric material developed by Dow’s Advanced Packaging Technologies group that meets these requirements.

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Next-Generation Copper, Nickel and Lead-Free Metallization Products for Next-Generation Devices and Applications

Aug 15, 2015

Meeting the challenging requirements of next-generation devices destined for Internet of Things applications necessitates metallization products that can address fine feature sizes and geometries of today’s advanced chip and package designs. This presentation details how Dow Electronic Materials has optimized its family of advanced electronics packaging metallization products.

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Effect of π-conjugated Bridges of TPD-based Medium Bandgap Conjugated Copolymers for Efficient Tandem Organic Photovoltaic Cells

Aug 04, 2015

Since 2011, Dow has hosted the Dow Korea Award to support research activities by science and engineering students and recognize outstanding papers in electronic materials. This year’s award winning paper is presented here, demonstrating research showing that a reduction in efficiency that occurs in the course of high temperature processing can be overcome to some degree.

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Addressing Challenges to Enhance OLED Device Performance

Jul 07, 2015

Challenges related to OLED device performance—such as further optimizing lifetime and efficiency—remain. This article looks at recent work exploring the way molecules pack in the glass film during deposition from the gas phase, which may offer a new tool for enhancing device performance.

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