CTEX PCB/SMT Show 2017

17 – 19 May, 2017

Suzhou, China

Hall C1, Stand AS12

We’re looking forward to the CTEX PCB/SMT Show 2017, where this year we’re all about big solutions for advances in tomorrow’s electronics!

It’s a chance to hear about our latest technical advances, share your thoughts for the future and investigate how we can innovate together for advances in electronics. Representatives from Dow Electronic Materials will be in attendance to discuss your challenges and opportunities.

You and Dow at the CTEX PCB/SMT Show:
Big Solutions for Advances in Tomorrow’s Electronics

NPI (New Product Introduction)

  • Date: Thursday, May 18
  • Time: 10:00-10:40
  • Location: C1 hall, #AI25
  • Speaker: Sharon Chen – Asia Engineering and Growth Development Manager
  • Topic: Excellent Uniformity Viafill Electroplating Technology on IC Substrate -

NPI (New Product Introduction)

  • Date: Thursday, May 18
  • Time: 14:00-14:40
  • Location: C1 hall, #AI25
  • Speaker: Angus Zhao – Senior Scientist, R&D
  • Topic: High Performance PPR Copper Plating for HAR Boards - COPPER GLEAMTM PPR-II Acid Copper

Technical Conference

  • Date: Thursday, May 18
  • Time: 9:30-10:00
  • Location: 金雞湖國際會議中心 Room A211
  • Presenter: Makoto Sakai – R&D Chemist
  • Topic: Next Generation Copper Pattern Plating for IC Package Application

Technical Conference

  • Date: Thursday, May 18
  • Time: 10:00 - 10:30
  • Location: 金雞湖國際會議中心 Room A211
  • Presenter: Willetta Lai – R&D Chemist
  • Topic: Novel Cyanide Free Immersion Gold


View the posters Dow Electronic Materials is showcasing at Stand AS12 in Hall C1.

  Performance Selective ENIG Technology

#1 Inner Layer Bonding Technology 内层连结技术
#2 Horizontal Desmear/PTH Universal Electroless Copper 水平去胶渣/化学沉铜 泛用型化学沉铜
#3 Advanced Desmear / Electroless Copper for Semi-Additive Process 应用于半加成制程之先进除胶渣及化学沉铜技术
#4 Rochel Salt type Semi-Additive Electroless Copper Plate for IC Package 酒石酸系化学沉铜应用于IC载板半加成制程的解决方案
#5 Cleaner for Both Electroless and Electroplated Copper Surface 适用于化学铜与电镀铜的清洁剂
#6 New Generation Via Filling Technics For Uniformity Improving and Thinner Copper Plating 新世代均匀性改善及镀薄铜填孔电镀铜技术
#7 Excellent Uniformity Viafi ll Electroplating Technology on IC Substrate 应用于IC载板上高均匀性的盲孔填孔解决方案
#8 Cost Effective Viafi ll Electroplating on HDI Application 应用在HDI具成本效率之填盲孔电镀铜技术
#9 Advanced Solution for High Speed Direct Current Copper Pillar Technology 先进解决方案高速直流电镀铜柱技术
#10 DC Copper Plating for Thick Panel 厚板高纵横比直流电镀铜技术
#11 Next Generation High Throwing Power Solution on Flexible Board Electroplating Application 应用于软板上具高深镀能力的下世代电镀药水
#12 High Speed Direct Current Copper Electroplating Technology 高速直流电镀铜制程
#13 Advanced Solution for Vertical-in-Line Equipment 先进垂直连续酸性电镀铜技术
#14 Next Generation Tin Plating for Metal Resist Application 下一代电镀锡技术
#15 High Performance PPR Copper Plating for HAR Boards 高性能脉冲电镀铜及其在高纵横比线路板上的应用
#16 Final Finishing – Ultra Efficient Palladium Poisoning Cleaner for ENIG Technology 表面处理–化学镍金专用超高效率钝钯清洁剂
#17 Final Finishing – High Performance Selective ENIG Technology 表面处理–高性能选择性化学镍金技术
#18 Green Products 绿色产品"