2017 Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) Show

25 – 27 October, 2017

Taipei Nangang, Taiwan
Booth K619

We’re looking forward to the 2017 Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) Show, where this year we’re all about big solutions for advances in tomorrow’s electronics!

It’s a chance to hear about our latest technical advances, share your thoughts for the future and investigate how we can innovate together for advances in electronics. Representatives from Dow Electronic Materials will be in attendance to discuss your challenges and opportunities.

You and Dow at the TPCA Show: 
Big Solutions for Advances in Tomorrow’s Electronics

Technical Conference

#1: Studies of Tin Whisker Growth under High External Pressure

  • Date: Wednesday, October 25
  • Time: 16:00-16:20
  • Location: Room 503
  • Lead Author: Flora He

#2: A Novel Electroplating Technology with Leveling, Minimum Surface Deposition for HDI Application

  • Date: Friday, October 27
  • Time: 13:40-14:00
  • Location: Room 504A
  • Lead Author: Parel Wu

#3: New Product Introduction

  • Date: Thursday, October 26
  • Time: 15:05-15:40
  • Title: High Performance PPR Copper Plating for HAR Boards
  • Location: Room A
#1 High Speed Direct Current Copper Electroplating Technology 高速直流電鍍銅製程
#2 Advanced Solution for Vertical-in-Line Equipment 先進垂直連續酸性電鍍銅技術
#3 Advanced Solution for High Speed Direct Copper Pillar Technology 先進解決方案-高速直流電鍍銅柱技術
#4 Horizontal Desmear/PTH Universal Electroless Copper 水平除膠渣/化學沉銅 泛用型化學沉銅
#5 Final Finishing – High Performance Selective ENIG Technology 表面處理–高性能選擇性化學鎳金技術
#6 Advanced Desmear / Rochel Salt Electroless Copper for Semi-Additive Process 應用於半加成製程的先進除膠渣程序及 酒石酸系化學沉銅技術
#7 Inner Layer Bonding Technology 內層連結技術
#8 Cost Effective Viafill Electroplating on HDI Application 應用在HDI具成本效率 之填盲孔電鍍銅技術
#9 DC Copper Plating for Thick Panel 厚板高縱橫比直流電鍍銅技術
#10 Excellent Uniformity Viafill Electroplating 應用於IC載板上高均勻性的 盲孔填孔解決方案
#11 Cleaner for Both Electroless and Electroplated Copper Surface 適用於化學銅與電鍍銅的清潔劑
#12 Next Generation High Throwing Power Solution on Flexible Board Electroplating Application 高速直流電鍍銅製程
#13 High Performance PPR Copper Plating for HAR Boards 高性能脈衝電鍍銅及其在 高縱橫比線路板上的應用
#14 New Generation Via Filling Acid Copper Plating Technics for Improving Distribution Uniformity and Thinner Copper 新世代均勻性改善及 鍍薄銅填孔電鍍銅技術
#15 Green Products 綠色產品
#16 New Tin Plating Technology for VCP Application 運用於VCP的新世代電鍍錫技術