Advanced Chip Packaging - Imaging

Dow Electronic Materials offers positive- and negative-tone photoresists, along with associated ancillaries, that are ideally suited for wafer-level packaging applications.

Dow’s liquid, single-spin i-line, g-line and broadband compatible photoresists are available as negative- and positive-tone and are suited for a range of thicknesses necessary to meet the requirements of a variety of advanced packaging applications. Dow’s offerings are all non-chemically-amplified resists, providing excellent performance without the need for extensive environmental controls.

Our electrodeposited 3D photoresists have excellent conformal properties, making them ideal for substrates with complex geometries. As a result, these 3D resists can be used for wafer, MEMs, lead frames and three-dimensional photolithography applications. Associated ancillaries include topcoats, developers and removers.

INTERVIA™ BPN-65A Photoresist

25 and 50 μm vias, 50 μm thickness

INTERVIA™ 3D Photoresist

Resist over topography