Conductive Materials for Hybrid Circuits

Dry Film Photoresist

Riston® Laser Series Dry Film Photoresist

Ultra Fast Photospeed Direct Imaging Resist

DuPont began formulating specialized photoresists for Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) over 20 years ago, and continues to lead the industry with its Riston® LaserSeries films.

Ultra fast photospeed, high performance, and compatibility with conventional printed wiring board (PWB) processes are critical to help PWB fabricators optimize their LDI equipment investments.

Riston® Laser Series Dry Film Photoresists Include:

Riston® LDI300

  • For specialty outerlayer plating applications on 355nm direct imaging equipment
  • Exposure productivity and plating latitude enhance throughput and yields

Riston® LDI500

  • High productivity film is fully aqueous
  • Possesses ultra-fast photospeed
  • Compatible with both acid and alkaline etching

Riston® LDI7000

  • Customized for tent and etch processes with 355nm direct imaging equipment
  • Excellent tenting strength, resolution and adhesion
  • Fast stripping that contributes to higher yield and productivity

Riston® LDI7200

  • Designed to provide superior performance on LDI imaged outerlayer boards
  • Broad range of plating solutions (copper, tin, solder, nickel and gold)
  • Available in thicknesses ranging from 40 microns to 100 microns
  • Gives fabricator one film to meet all of their imaging needs

Riston® LDI 8000

  • Developed for 405 nm LDI equipment
  • Fast photospeed (13mJ/cm2~)
  • Excellent resolution with wide exposure latitude
  • Good conformity
  • Vivid printout image
  • Strong tenting with excellent hold time stability

Conductive Materials for Hybrid Circuits

DuPont offers a complete set of conductors covering a broad application spectrum.

Designed to deliver the best reliability/performance vs. system level cost, these materials enable more cost-effective manufacturing processes, including fine line printing, 30 or 60 minute firing profiles, co-fireability and unprecedented field reliability.

The conductors allow several different interconnect strategies, ranging from 25-micron gold wirebond to heavy gauge aluminum wirebond, wedge bond, ribbon bond, ball grid array (BGA), flip chips, and more.

Conductors for alumina substrates from DuPont include:

  • Silver, silver-based alloys (Pd and Pt), platinum, gold and gold-based alloys (Pd and Pt)
  • Specific conductors for fine line subtractive processes (laser ablation, etching)

These conductors are co-fireable or sequentially fireable.

In addition, DuPont conductors for glass substrates offer these benefits:

  • Compliance with REACH and RoHS substance restriction directives
  • High-conductivity systems that are ideally suited for bus-bars
  • Blendable, solderable systems ideally suited for defogger/defroster applications