Wafer Bumping

Dow Electronic Materials’ SOLDERON™ BP electroplating chemistries are production-proven materials for wafer-bumping applications that provide customers with a variety of options that fit their needs. As traditional tin-lead alloys have been phased out in the electronics industry, Dow has worked to fill the need for reliable alternatives, and now offers lead-free, single-step plating materials specifically designed for challenging advanced packaging applications.

SOLDERON BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver provides exceptional processing flexibility for wafer bumping while consistently producing uniform, void-free, smooth fine-grained deposits at fine pitches, making it ideal for in-via bumps, mushroom bumps and cap plating.


Bumps formed by electroplating with SOLDERON™ BP Tin-Silver

SOLDERON™ BP IN 1000 Indium extends the SOLDERON product family for use in temperature-sensitive advanced plating processes. Primarily targeting advanced wafer-level packaging for emerging applications, it minimizes substrate warpage and stress, and minimizes the possibility of material damage in delicate devices.


Bumps formed by electroplating with SOLDERON™ BP Indium

Dow Electronic Materials also leads the way with low-alpha materials by offering tin with low-alpha-particle-emitting versions of our products, which are ideal for packaging applications sensitive to the effects of these emissions.