ESL Residents

  • "Site Closed" or "Open Late" statements mean that employees will not be permitted on site until the designated opening time. Employees arriving at any gate prior to this time will be turned away.
  • For "Early Closings", all employees must make safe their operations and leave the site immediately for safety reasons.

During these emergencies, site access will be on an exception basis only:

  • Only pre-designated essential services employees are granted access on site during these conditions to safely clear the site for opening and to restore normal operations.
  • Business critical access will only be granted with permission of appropriate Business Leaders or Group Research Managers and with concurrence from appropriate Building Managers.

ESL Site Policy requires that employees who leave personal vehicles on site overnight for extended periods are required to park their vehicle in Lot #1 behind Building E356.  The vehicle owner(s) must inform Security, fill out a special form (available at the Security office), and make a set of keys available in the event the vehicle needs to be moved in an emergency situation.  Vehicles left elsewhere on Site which disrupt snow removal operations, may be towed at the owner's expense.