ESL Residents

At the Experimental Station “site closed” or “delayed opening” statements mean that site residents should not arrive at the site until the designated/communicated opening time.

During these situations, access to the site will be managed, depending on the reason for the adjustment in schedule, access may not be permitted:

  • Pre-designated, essential services personnel are granted access to safely clear the Site for opening and to restore normal operations.
  • Pre-established business-critical access is granted to identified essential personnel to maintain business-critical operations or to shut down operations.
  • Personnel arriving on-site are required to badge in. Personnel may be required to sign in and provide additional information.
  • Personnel should not expect to arrive on-site during a closure or delayed opening and initiate normal operations as the site is not operating under normal conditions.

For “Early Closings” all site residents must make safe their operations and leave the site as soon as it is practical to do so.  Essential personnel or other personnel remaining on-site past the announced closure time may be asked to contact Security.

Residents who leave personal vehicles on-site overnight or for extended periods of time do so at their own risk and are required to inform Security.

During inclement weather events, crews and equipment are actively addressing site conditions and a personal vehicle could impede this work.  Residents should think about the vehicle location and consider relocating to Parking Lot #1 behind Building 356.  Unidentified personal vehicles, left on-site for an extended period which disrupt work activities, may be towed at the owner’s expense.