Investment Recovery

Recovering Value from Surplus Assets and Materials

DuPont Investment Recovery has been providing surplus assets for more than 30 years to customers in the chemical, petrochemical and heavy manufacturing industries.  Given the wide variety of products and processes in DuPont, our inventory typically includes chemical processing, plastic processing, laboratory, and mobile plant and construction equipment.  We offer an ongoing inventory of surplus assets to qualified buyers and secondary market vendors. Follow the equipment categories to the right for links to our surplus equipment web site.

We market our surplus equipment through our website, Items are unpriced and buyers are encouraged to place offers or ask questions.  There are usually no bidding deadlines. We close bidding when we get a reasonable offer.  Buyers should always present their best offer. They will be notified of other buyers making bids but will not see the other bids.

The DuPont Investment Recovery group maintains multi-year contracts for scrap metal recovery at our manufacturing plants.  If you want to be considered for future bidding, please use the Contact Us link.

DuPont Investment Recovery does not handle sales of surplus computers, telecommunication equipment, or electronic recycling.