Safety Systems & Interiors

Distinctive Automotive Interiors & Safety Systems

It’s not enough that today’s vehicles be fuel-efficient. Consumers still want vehicles that are safe, comfortable and great to drive. Automakers draw on DuPont materials and expertise to create a special driving experience.

DuPont offers materials for automotive interiors and safety systems that protect drivers and passengers while enhancing the driving experience. DuPont renewably sourced materials give design engineers another way to separate their vehicles from the competition.

Comfort & Design: DuPont high-performance materials are widely used to help reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) for a more pleasant ride and to enable styling features such as 3D LED lighting systems. Additionally, DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector is used to extend the quality and life of car fabrics.

Safety: From the first airbag system and safety belt mechanisms to the latest collision-avoidance electronic materials and technologies, we continue to set the standard for performance in active and passive safety systems.

Sustainability: Automakers can further differentiate their vehicles and enhance performance by using DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ polymers in floor mats, headliners, airbag doors, and other interior components to support an eco-friendly theme.




  • Tyvek® Protective Apparel

  • Tedlar® PVF film provides a long-lasting finish to a wide variety of surfaces exposed to harsh environments

    Tedlar® PVF Films for Industrial Applications

  • GreenTape™ LTCC System

  • Delrin® acetal resin

  • Flexible Construction Pipe

    Fusabond® Functional Polymer

  • Teflon® Fluoropolymer Resins

    A staple in kitchens since the 1960’s, DuPont™ Teflon® nonstick coating systems make life easier. Did you know the Teflon® brand goes far beyond cookware? It is also found across a broad range of consumer and industrial applications and processing techniques.

  • Krytox® Performance Lubricants

    DuPont™ Krytox® performance lubricants are nonflammable, chemically inert oils and greases that offer thermal stability for automotive and industrial applications, including bearings, seals, and gaskets.

  • Suva® Refrigerants

    DuPont™ Suva® refrigerants provide a range of cooling solutions for multiple industries, including many options for residential, retail and commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration, everything from supermarket display cases and restaurant walk-ins to the mini-fridges in college dorms.

  • Opteon™ Refrigerants

    The DuPont answer to the challenge of creating more sustainable refrigerants, DuPont™ Opteon™ family of lower-global-warming- potential (GWP) refrigerants constitutes a more sustainable refrigeration solution that is energy-efficient, safe and easy-to-implement.

  • Keldax® Sound Barrier Resin

    Easy to shape, easy to work with, and easy to install, components made with DuPont™ Keldax® sound-barrier resins help today’s automotive OEMs reduce unwanted noise, and improve consumer perception of quality.

  • Tefzel® ETFE Fluoropolymer Resin

    DuPont™ Tefzel® ETFE fluoropolymer resin is a modified ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene fluoropolymer available as pellets, or as powder for rotational molding. Tefzel® ETFE resin combines mechanical toughness with an outstanding chemical inertness that approaches that of DuPont™ Teflon® fluoropolymer resins.

  • ISCEON® Refrigerants

    DuPont refrigeration innovation provides the opportunity to retrofit existing CFC and HCFC cooling units to work with the non-ozone-depleting DuPont™ ISCEON® family of refrigerants for a cost-effective upgrade to a more sustainable solution.