Chemical Industry Innovations Through Material Science

Through our knowledge of material science, we are providing safer, better-performing, higher-quality, and more environmentally sustainable products in the global chemical industry to meet the needs of a growing world.

In the chemical industry, DuPont uses its deep expertise in material science to make a vital impact on virtually every major industry, from agriculture and construction to transportation and communications.

Through our collaboration with leading companies worldwide, we help transform markets by delivering innovative solutions that address critical global challenges, and enable many of the modern technologies used around the world every day. Our refrigerants are more environmentally sustainable, with lower emissions that continue to cool the world. Plastics for LAN lines that don’t just carry data, they also connect people and ideas worldwide. And pharmaceutical propellants are used in life-saving inhalers, hand sanitizers, and regular medical treatments.

Backed by DuPont science, many world-class brands in the chemical industry are the result of our chemicals business. Brands such as Opteon®, Isceon® and Suva® set the gold standard for refrigerants.  While Teflon®, Capstone® and Krytox® provide a range of coatings and finishes that are unmatched in the market.