Introducing a New Class of High Temperature Perfluoropolymers

Now there’s a new high temperature perfluoropolymer resin that breaks the design boundaries for very harsh environments, and provides new possibilities for wire and cable applications.


Introducing the Industry-changing DuPont™ ECCtreme™ ECA 3000

DuPont™ ECCtreme™ ECA 3000 fluoropolymer resin is an industry-changing class of high temperature perfluoropolymer. It combines the beneficial properties of typical perfluoropolymers with the potential capability to maintain operational performance under extreme temperatures (up to 300°C*) and extreme conditions.

Surpassing the 260°C limit of traditional perfluoropolymer insulating materials, ECCtreme™ ECA 3000 resin insulation for wire and cable applications has the potential to operate at 300 °C* with the same high-temperature properties of perfluoropolymers typically used in these applications.

ECCtreme™ ECA 3000 offers:

  • Outstanding electrical insulating properties at high temperature.
  • Potential for 300°C* rating.
  • Improved performance with high-temperature use.
  • Increased stress crack resistance.
  • Longer life at higher temperature than competing polymers.
  • Outstanding chemical resistance properties.
  • Improved permeation resistance to CH4, O2, CO2 and water.
  • Melt-processible, wide operating window.
  • Low flammability.


Better Performance at Higher Temperatures

A major feature of ECCtreme™ ECA 3000 is the unique way it responds to extremely high temperatures. When the polymer is heat-treated at temperatures greater than 280°C, the result is epitaxial co-crystallization (ECC), which actually improves the functionality of the polymer. This new capability offers options for high-temperature tolerance in:

  • Geothermal uses.
  • Electric submersible pumps.
  • Datalogging cables.
  • Other oil and gas applications.
  • Aerospace uses.
  • Automotive uses.
  • Heater cables.
  • Appliance wire.

ECCtreme™ ECA 3000 meets the wire and cable industry’s demand for a high-temperature, melt-extrudable polymer that has characteristics similar to PTFE. It enables industries to move beyond limitations that have hindered operation in harsh environments by expanding the current available options for wire and cable.


Innovative Solutions for Wire and Cable

With a 40-year history in the wire and cabling business, DuPont offers a full range of fluoropolymer resins that are processible by various means. They offer high dielectric strength, a low dielectric constant, low loss factors, and extremely high specific resistance.

The ECCtreme™ ECA 3000 high temperature perfluoropolymer is the latest example of how DuPont science continues to meet the wire and cable demands for innovative solutions.



* This is not a guarantee of performance, as long-term thermal index testing according to ISO/IEC 60216 (Part 6) is in progress.


REFERENCE: A New Class of Perfluoropolymers: High-Temperature Epitaxial Co-Crystalline (ECC) Perfluoropolymer Resins by Jacob Lahijani, Maria P.-Samija, George M. Pruce, John L. Netta

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