Developing More Effective and Environmentally Sustainable Fluorochemicals

Having pioneered much of the science that makes air conditioning and refrigeration possible, we offer fluorochemicals that reflect more than 80 years of experience, innovative practices, and regional presence.

DuPont has a long history of firsts in fluorochemicals. In addition to more than 80 years of leadership in refrigerants, we have been a leader in fire protection and a driving force in the development of safer, cleaner alternatives to commonly used fire suppression systems. We are also a leader in foam expansion agents and fluorinated specialty chemicals.

Our products include Dymel® propellants, Vertrel® specialty fluids, and such popular refrigerants such as Isceon®, Suva®. Also included is our newest innovation, Opteon® the refrigerant with the industry’s lowest global warming potential score.

At DuPont, performance, safety, and improved environmental sustainability are primary objectives. DuPont helped lead the industry to phase out CFCs and introduced a family of HCFC and HFC alternative products. We have aggressively pursued anti-counterfeiting worldwide. And we have initiated a product reclaim program to keep materials out of landfills.

For fluorochemicals that are making a difference in people’s lives worldwide, count on DuPont.


  • Leading the Challenge on Reducing Global Warming Potential

    As part of our corporate-wide sustainability efforts, DuPont is leading the way in developing high performance fluorocarbons with low global warming potential for air conditioning, refrigeration, fire extinguishers, foaming agents, and more.

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