Specialty & Bulk Chemicals

Bringing Environmentally Sustainable Innovation to the Specialty & Bulk Chemicals Industry

As a leader in fluoropolymers and other products for the specialty & bulk chemicals industry, DuPont is committed to environmental safety, while developing processes and products that benefit our customers and the world.

In the specialty & bulk chemicals industry, our fluoropolymers are used in a wide variety of applications, for such markets as construction, aerospace, nonstick cookware, electronics, fire suppression, refrigeration, clean water, oil and gas, and more. Our resins are sold under brand names such as Teflon®, Tefzel®, and Elvax®.

Our specialty & bulk chemicals are key components in such markets as automotive, chemical processing, semiconductor, oil exploration, chemical handling, data communication, aerospace, electronics, housewares, building, and renewable energy industries. 

In the fluorosurfactants market, our Capstone® repellents and surfactants use innovative short-chain technologies to deliver superior performance, while reducing the impact on the environment.

DuPont also offers a spectrum of lubricants and dry film products for both external and internal applications. These include methylamines, fluorointermediates, aramid intermediates, lubricants, sodium and sulfur technology products.

In the specialty & bulk chemicals industry, DuPont will continue applying advanced science and technology to offer products that are both superior in performance and more environmentally sustainable.


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