Solutions for Advanced Biofuel Production

Uniquely positioned to help achieve global goals for energy independence and rural economic development

Our world is changing fast, and growing even faster. By the year 2050, over nine billion people will need access to clean water and renewable energy. From feedstock to fuel—and every step in-between—DuPont is committed to being part of the solution by applying our science and working with partners throughout the biofuels value chain.

Our unparalleled knowledge of the feedstock supply chain enables us to develop sustainable solutions for growers and manufacturing facilities. And with more than  25 years’ experience in starch-based bioethanol technology, DuPont expertise is increasing process efficiency and yield results for both first- and second-generation biofuel producers.

DuPont is helping make cellulosic ethanol commercialization a reality with the construction of a 30 million GPY biorefinery in Nevada, Iowa and our Butamax™ Advanced Biofuels joint venture is  working to develop biobutanol to help meet demand for a range of renewable transport fuel solutions.