Cut Costs and Keep the Quality in Low-Fat Spreads

DuPont offers a range of solutions for cost-conscious, low-fat spreads.

Manufacturers of low-fat spreads and other products can realize immediate cost savings by removing some of the expensive fat and oil in their products and adding cost-efficient DIMODAN® distilled mono-diglycerides or GRINDSTED® PGPR emulsifiers.

Full Functionality
Using these emulsifiers, fat levels can be reduced to less than 40% in low-fat spreads. Fat reduction is also possible in puff pastry margarines, cake and cream margarines, and fat-based fillings.

When fat is removed, it is replaced with water. The combination of GRINDSTED® emulsifiers and stabilizers reduces the risk of oil and water separation, which helps ensure that oil- and fat-based products retain their functional and textural qualities.

Longer Shelf Life, Less Waste
Consumer behavior has shown a clear shift towards more home cooking with products that have a longer shelf life.

DuPont™ Danisco® antioxidants ensure spreads and other fat-based products remain appealing throughout their shelf life. Since the move towards the more oxidation-prone trans-free oils and fats, this has become an even more pressing need. Natural antioxidants sold under the GUARDIAN™ label are included in the broad antioxidant range.

Faster Processing
Another issue for manufacturers is the typically slower crystallization of (trans-free) fats compared to trans-containing fats. GRINDSTED® crystallizers can increase the rate of crystallization for improved production throughput.

With this range of solutions, manufacturers can offer the cost-conscious, low-fat spreads and other food products that appeal to consumers who are dining home more often.