Improve Food Safety with Fast, Accurate Pathogen Detection

With the BAX® Detection System from DuPont, food and beverage companies can streamline processes, simplify pathogen detection and analysis, and enhance their food safety commitment all along the value chain.

Detect Pathogens Quickly and Reliably

The BAX® Detection System is an award-winning PCR-based method for detecting pathogens and other organisms in food. The system provides advanced genetic technology in an easy-to-use format for highly accurate and reliable results. While traditional testing methods can take a week or more to provide results, our system can provide accurate DNA-based results the day after sampling or sooner.

An Efficient, Cost-Effective System for Food Safety

Customers around the world have made the BAX® System an integral part of their quality control systems due to its tremendous impact on their operations —from dramatically decreasing false results and minimizing re-testing, to reducing employee training and speeding the time to market.

Certified and validated by third parties and government labs worldwide, the BAX® Detection System is fully automated and allows for digital data sharing, storage and retrieval. Advanced training is not required to operate the system, and technical support is just a phone call away.

Science-based tools, such as the highly accurate and reliable BAX® Detection System for pathogen detection, help food and beverage companies provide top quality, safe products to consumers.