Helping Secure a Safer Food Supply with BAX® System Testing for Pathogenic STEC in Food

As the world population surpasses 7 billion, the need for a sufficient food supply that is both nutritious and secure also increases. Food pathogen testing products from DuPont help ensure that harmful bacteria do not compromise the food supply.

The BAX® System uses advanced genetic technology to perform food pathogen testing. It is specially designed to produce clear positive or negative results that do not require expert interpretation. This allows BAX® Systems to be used effectively in local labs around the world.

The BAX® System STEC suite is the result of a collaboration between DuPont and the USDA Agricultural Research Services. It consists of a screening assay and two panel assays that test for the presence of pathogenic STEC in beef and produce. The screener tests for the presence of virulent Shiga toxin genes (stx1, 2) and Intimin (eae), allowing you to clear negative samples within an hour of enrichment. The panel assays test for and identify the top six STEC strains.

The system aligns with USDA guidelines and provides extremely accurate, one-hour processing, giving food companies a highly efficient, cost-effective solution for confident product release decisions.