Packaging Awards Advisory Panel

About the Packaging Awards Advisory Panel

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The purpose of the Packaging Awards Advisory Panel is to:

  • Help continuously improve the awards program so it remains current and relevant.
  • Help ensure that the program recognizes global achievements in the industry.
  • Help position the program as a catalyst to inspire discussion or packaging innovation.

This year's advisory panel consists of the following:

  • David Luttenberger - Global Packaging Director, Mintel Group, Ltd., USA
  • Peter Clarke - CEO, Product Ventures, USA
  • Philippe Roulette - Head of Global Packaging, Nestle, Switzerland
  • Anthony Wong - VPGM, China, Amcor Flexible Asia Pacific
  • Aparecido Borghi - Senior Packaging Professor, Instituto Mauá de Technologia, Brazil
  • Lisa McTigue Pierce - Executive Editor, Packaging Digest, USA

Learn More about the Advisory Panel

Learn More About the Advisory Panel