2003 Packaging Award Winners

2003 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation Winners

DuPont honored twenty-one international packaging innovations at the Sixteenth DuPont Awards. A seven-member judging panel selected the winners based on degree of innovation; potential impact on industry / consumers; breadth of application; marketing innovation of the packaging product; and impact of the packaging on consumer / industry buying decisions. Awards were presented in Food and Non-Food packaging categories and need not contain a DuPont product. An overall Diamond Award winner is recognized as being the most significant innovation from among all the winners.

And the winners were ...


CLP Industries, Ltd - USA and Israel; California Wild Rice Growers Association - USA; Select Marketing Group, Ltd - USA; Steve Werblow Communications - USA

Fall River Wild Rice, in a non-foil stand-up retort pouch, is wild rice at the ready. From the shelf to the microwave and to the dinner table in two minutes, this package provides consumers the flavor, taste, aroma and appearance they desire with the convenience today's busy families demand. The pouch combines silicon oxide-coated PETG with biax nylon, PET and polypropylene to provide the barrier for an 18-month shelf-stable life. 

Reverse printed in eight colors, the package can be designed to include a window and has tremendous application for any number of convenience foods, from side dishes to meals! Consumers enjoy the microwave-ready-to-heat feature of the pouch as well as the freshness and nutrition offered. Fall River Wild Rice pouches contain no excess water and no salt. The retort process both cooks and sterilizes the contents of the package, ensuring purity and a high degree of quality control.


Fuji Tokushu Shigyo Co., Ltd - Japan

Gravure printed flexible food packaging films by Fuji Tokushu Shigyo Co., Ltd spearheads the use of aqueous ink and solventless laminating. In addition, a newly established overprinting technology based on a unique plate making method has been developed. A polarized resin such as DuPont™ Nucrel® resin facilitates the bonding of the aqueous inks to the film's surface. This technical innovation combines new plastic film manufacturing technology, reduces organic solvents and produces a glossy printed package. The environmentally-friendly printing / laminating combination eliminates the need for solvent recovery, disposal and possible solvent retention odors. Eye-catching graphics offer retail shelf appeal. 

ASAP Food Products - USA; LM Packaging, Inc - USA; Nottingham & Spirk - USA; Graphics Packaging - USA; Valley Packaging Supply Co, Inc - USA; RytWay Industries, Inc - USA; Nordenia USA, Inc - USA
ASAP popcorn is the most significant advancement in the microwave popcorn category in more than 20 years. Whether planning a movie or game night or planning a party, ASAP Popcorn generates excitement with bold, colorful graphics that transform microwave popcorn packages into cool shapes for kids and adults. The popping bags have kid appeal with fun themes such as cartoon characters, sports items or special occasion messages printed on the flexible shaped, microwaveable, stand-up pouch that stands up right out of the oven. The shaped and folded bag with stand-up gusset uses an oil resistant paper laminated to a metallized, sealable PET. The outside of the bags are printed with six-color graphics with an over varnish. A special venting system allows for steam to escape and provides easy opening. A partially demetallized web inside the bag provides a focus pattern for popping kernels. The three-bag multipack pouch is made of PET / LLDPE and is now available in the USA and selective off-shore markets. 

Dr Pepper® / Seven Up®

Raging Cow™, a new dairy-based beverage aseptically packaged in bottles from Tetra Pak. The first for low-acid products aseptically packaged at a commercial filling speed. The open neck multi-layer HDPE plastic bottles using Tetra Plast™ aseptic technology allows distribution of low-acid food and beverage products without the need for refrigeration. The result is convenient, safe and portable products demanded by busy consumers. Designed to impact product differentiation, shelf impact and brand image, the Tetra Plast™ aseptic bottles are light weight and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The HDPE bottles offer packaging solutions for low-acid products such as flavored milks, infant formulas, nutritional drinks, coffee and prepared foods. 

Raging Cow™, Dr Pepper® and Seven Up® are registered trademarks of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.

Cryovac Food Packaging Division of Sealed Air Corporation - USA; Smithfield Packing Company - USA; Multivac, Inc - USA

The Simple Steps™ heat-and-serve tray package for Smithfield Entrées provides an easy-open, microwavable package for pre-cooked entrées. Vacuum skin-package technology keeps entrée items looking juicy and fresh, and gives consumers a package that is convenient and easy to use. Busy consumers get hearty meal selections that can be heated and served in three simple steps. There is no need for consumers to puncture ventilation holes in the Simple Steps™ package before heating. Instead, the film "tents up" as the product reheats then self-vents and relaxes over the food. The "stay cool" side handles reduce the risk of burns or spills as the tray is removed from the microwave. Consumers also like the easy-open feature; simply peel away the top film after heating and serve. The package structure consists of an easy-open polyolefin-based coextruded barrier film that is vacuumized to a polypropylene tray. 

Cryovac® Simple Steps™ cook-in technology is more efficient for processors and gives shoppers a high-quality entrée that has undergone minimal handling. Center-of-the-plate entrées can be fully cooked, distributed and sold in the same package.

Cryovac® and Simple Steps™ are a registered trademark and trademark of Sealed Air Corporation

B. Braun Medical, Inc - USA

The Duplex® Drug Delivery System is a customizable, multi-compartment flexible plastic IV bag that stores unit doses of diluent and drug powder separately in the same container. This is a shelf-stable delivery system for oxygen and moisture sensitive intravenous drugs that, when squeezed, allows complete diluent-drug compounding to occur within the closed system. The packaging uses a blend of polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer on the port and container front as well as on the back along with foil and PET. 

The Duplex® delivery system enables IV drugs that are not stable in solution to be packaged, with diluent, in a ready-to-use, closed system. Potential medication errors resulting from mixing mistakes or contamination during mixing are consequently reduced. The Duplex® System also reduces mixing labor requirements during these times of severe pharmacy labor shortages. The Duplex® technology can be adapted to any multi-component chemical, powder or liquid, which must be stored separately and combined at time of use. Additionally, aseptic filling of single-component drugs is possible.

Duplex® is a registered trademark of B. Braun Medical, Inc.

GlaxoSmithKline - USA and United Kingdom

The Diskus® device is a convenient, easy-to-use, breath-activated device with a dose counter that counts down to zero. First marketed in Europe, the Advair® diskus® device recently gained FDA approval in the US. The unique design of the injection-molded dispenser contains dry powder medication. The dispenser is disk-shaped with components containing polypropylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polycarbonate and acetal. The medication is contained in a blister strip of doses consisting of a cold forming laminate. The dispenser is then overwrapped in a sealed laminate pouch containing biaxially oriented PET and laminating adhesive to provide additional protection. Patients find the dispenser easy to hold, easy to use and easy to know when it's time for a new dispenser. 

Diskus® and Advair® are registered trademarks of GlaxoSmithKline

Graham Packaging - USA and Argentina

The free-standing nature of this pop-up tube dome, which is recessed into the tube, gives it marketing appeal for a wide range of products. Currently marketed in Latin America for shampoo and conditioners, the Flexa Tube™ squeeze tube is produced by Graham Packaging. A small, inexpensive cap is pushed within the top of the tube and by simply squeezing the tube the cap is exposed and the product is neatly dispensed. The dome retracts entirely within the body of the tube when not in use and acts as a container base for standing. Additionally, product is always where the consumer needs it - at the tube opening for easy dispensing. The polyolefin single- or multi-layer tube utilizes a polyolefin closure. Use of a one-piece structure drives productivity and reduces scrap rates due to the elimination of cutting and welding of the tube. 

Flexa Tube™ is a trademark of Graham Packaging


Foster Farms - USA; Cryovac - USA; Multivac - USA

Fresh & Easy is premium-quality, fresh, boneless, skinless chicken vacuum sealed in individual pouches for a convenient, clean and safe transition from package to oven or grill. The inner pouch material from Cryovac® is formed on a Multivac R530 machine and the primary laminate package is composed of a top film incorporating an enhanced sealant. Product is then placed in the formed pouch, vacuumed and sealed. Three pouches are sealed in a zippered multi-pack bag. The excellent clarity and formability of the bottom film contributes to the superior aesthetics of the primary package. Consumers enjoy the ability to easily store chicken without any re-wrapping and the inner pouch protects the chicken from freezer burn. The fresh chicken pieces are hand trimmed, pre-washed and individually wrapped which makes it ready to cook as well as ready to store for on-the-go consumers. 

Foster Farms® is a registered trademark of Foster Farms
Cryovac® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation

Owen-Illinois Plastics Group, Food & Beverage Products - USA; H.J. Heinz Company - USA; Karen Baker Public Relations - USA

Heinz Easy Squeeze!™ upside-down ketchup bottle improves dispensing of ketchup by eliminating the watery separation that often occurs when ketchup isn't properly shaken. With the inverted package, consumers are guaranteed ketchup with no wait and no mess. Available in 20- and 32-ounce sizes, the multi-layer PET container with oxygen barrier utilizes Owens-Illinois' proprietary SurShot(sm) multi-layer injection technology. Adults and children alike appreciate the ergonomics and squeezability that went into this innovative bottle design. Initial demand for the consumer-driven innovation was so great that the product accounted for 10 percent of U.S. dollars spent on ketchup after only its first 12 weeks on the market. 

Easy Squeeze!™ is a trademark of H.J. Heinz Company
SurShot(sm) is a servicemark of Owens-Illinois

Alcoa Flexible Packaging - USA

Sure-Peel™ patented cohesive peel lidding by Alcoa Flexible Packaging separates seal integrity from actual peel force. This property allows for easier, more consistent peels with high burst strength. With its broader sealing window, Sure-Peel™ is an ideal lidding structure for hot-fill and aseptic cold-fill applications requiring high barrier lidding such as salsa, applesauce, apple juice, tomato sauce and garlic butter. Alcoa Sure-Peel™ lidding provides consumers ease-of-use and decreases the potential for leakers, spillage and spoilage during distribution. The new extrusion-mounted specification by Alcoa contains DuPont™ Nucrel® resin as an integral material.

Sure-Peel™ is a trademark of Alcoa Flexible Packaging

Hassia USA, Inc - USA; ConAgra Grocery Products Company - USA

Convenient, spoonless, portable - what more could busy households want from dessert or snack packages on the go. A new shelf stable category has been created within the pudding and snack industry. No refrigeration is required for the Shelf Stable Hunt's® Snack Pack® Squeez n' Go™ products, which have a shelf life of one year - just pack and go. Children love the new package and don't have to worry about losing a spoon. It makes eating pudding a whole new fun experience. The primary package structure which is provided by Curwood comprises OPP, mOPET, and EVOH coex sealant.

Hunt's®, Snack Pack® and Squeez n' Go™ are registered trademarks and trademark of ConAgra Brands, Inc.

Curwood, Inc. - A Bemis Co - USA

New patented ArmorX™ shrink bags by Curwood resist tears and punctures from sharp bones. The bag construction is a two-ply continuous lamination utilizing propretary polyethylene copolymer blends. This technological innovation provides total perimeter protection of the product leaving no edge exposed. The shrink bag is ideal for packaging institutional and retail bone-in meats such as spare ribs, loins, chops, turkeys and hams. Its crystal clear and printable properties make it particularly desirable for case-ready products. Any high-abuse application requiring extended shelf-life is a potential for this new, innovative package.

ArmorX™ is a trademark of Curwood, Inc.

Pechiney Plastic Packaging - USA

Answering a call from Lifescan, a Johnson & Johnson Company, Pechiney Plastic Packaging developed an enhanced moisture barrier, single-use package in a tear-open flexible pouch. The package materials include PET, extrusion lamination PE, foil, extrusion PE and a revolutionary new desiccating sealant film that substantially extends product shelf life and inhibits moisture damage to medical devices package moisture barrier. This innovative pouch with desiccating capabilities incorporated into the sealant film is the first on the market for this type of medical device.

Rexam Healthcare Flexibles - Americas

This multi-layer polyolefin coextrusion film employs the patented Rexam Core-Peel™ technology to provide a fiber-free peel when sealing a pouch of DuPont™ Tyvek® brand protective material. Additionally, the force needed to open the package is independent of the sealing conditions used to form the pouch. Pouch applications are being extended to a variety of mating webs and lidding applications for both rigid and flexible bottom webs. In the medical device segment, where cleanliness and patient safety is of paramount importance, this easy to peel film is a critical improvement.

Core-Peel™ is a trademark of Rexam Healthcare Flexibles

Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc - USA; Taut, Inc - USA

The cholangiogram catheter printed chevron package pouch uses DuPont™ Tyvek® brand protective material for the uncoated top web and a bottom web material extrusion coated with Rollprint Allegro® T peelable sealant. This new package has a premium look while providing cost savings. Allegro® T is specifically designed to seal and peel to uncoated Tyvek®. When peeled, Allegro® T will split cohesively leaving a bright white seal indicator that provides visual verification of a hermetic seal. End-users in the medical field can quickly and easily see if the sterility of the pouch is open and has been compromised adding to patient safety.

Allegro® is a registered trademark of Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc.

International Dispensing Corporation - USA

International Dispensing has introduced a dispensing technology that enables shelf-stable foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals to be aseptically dispensed from flexible bags or pouches. The Aseptic Gravity Flow Valve™ by IDS is currently being used to dispense shelf-stable dairy, juice and ready-to-drink coffee beverages from flexible bags and pouches. The aseptic valve used in the food service industry has successfully extended the shelf-life and use-life of the products it is dispensing. The gravity flow valve is injection molded using an irradiation grade of polypropylene copolymer, polycarbonate and sealed with silicone rubber. The snap action, push-button, dispensing technology offers food, beverage, pharmaceutical, as well as household detergent and chemical companies a breakthrough in barrier and dispensing technology.

Aseptic Gravity Flow Valve™ is a trademark of International Dispensing Corporation

Sealed Air Corporation - USA

The Sealed Air inflatable Bubble Wrap® Packaging System provides for on-site, on-demand, high-performance cushioning with optimum flexibility to automatically inflate and dispense three-quarter-inch Height Barrier Bubble® Material. A series of inter-connected bubbles in each row are connected to a main channel for inflation and seal together at selected areas to create bubbles. Bubble film is shipped flat to the end user and a portable inflator inflates and seals each row at the user level.

Bubble Wrap® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation



During the final review of the entries the panel of judges agreed that three packaging entries be awarded a Special Citation:

Kraft® Foods North America - USA; Plastipak Packaging, Inc - USA; Creative Packaging Corporation - USA

The Kraft® Foods grated parmesan cheese restaurant style shaker bottle and closure consists of a PET bottle with domed PP base cap closure that has numerous product dispensing holes and a clear plastic PP overcap. The package, designed to mimic the appearance and experience of using an Italian restaurant grated cheese shaker, provides consumers that little flavor of Italy in the home. As you hold the shaker in your hand you are transported for that moment and can feel the warmth and comfort as the cheese sprinkles from the bottle. The overcap provides bottle closure for refrigerated storage.

Kraft® is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods North America

Pechiney Plastic Packaging - USA; PCI Services - A Cardinal Health Company - USA

The Del Pouch™ single-dose applicator with frangible seal is a high barrier flexible package containing a barrier layer and a protective layer of PET utilizing a unique high barrier frangible sealant film. The Del Pouch™ is used in the healthcare industry to contain hard to hold materials such as ointments and creams until the seal is broken for convenient application. There is also expanding interest in consumer products such as alcohol and iodine. The single-dose applicator pouch allows for the convenience of a disposable unit - the user need only to squeeze the package to burst the seal and dispense the product.

Del Pouch™ is a trademark of Pechiney Plastic Packaging

Viskase Corporation - USA

Viskase Corporation Nojax® AL™ is an antibacterial casing capable of transferring a lethality intervention to the surface of hot dogs and processed ready-to-eat meat and poultry. The Nojax® casings provide a treatment that is effective protection against inadvertent Listeria contamination during subsequent peeling, collating and packaging processes of hotdogs and sausages. This innovative technology provides the industry with a new and important intervention strategy in its effort to control the risks of pathogen contamination in ready-to-eat meats.

Nojax® is a registered trademark of Viskase Corporation.