2005 Packaging Award Winners

2005 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation Winners

Winners of the 2005 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation

A ceremony was held at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, to honor the winners from the 18th DuPont Awards Competition honoring innovation in packaging. The competition, which is sponsored by DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, honors innovation in food processing and packaging from all across the supply chain - from technology and processes to equipment and converters to the end-use packagers.

With 111 entries, this year's 8-member judging panel had a difficult task. Twenty-two international food and non-food packaging innovations received awards. Among those honored, the winner deemed most innovative by the judging panel received the prestigious Diamond Award.

And the winners were ...


Crown Food Europe, an affiliate of Crown Holdings, Inc. - France, USA; William Saurin - France

This innovative single-serving package consists of a polymer coated steel bowl and easy-to-open peelable lid, offering practicality and preservation properties at the same time. William Saurin, a leading French ready-made meal producer, selected Crown's bowl can due to its ability to be transported with consumers, meeting demands for modern "on-the-go" lifestyles and healthy meals.

Enhanced shelf appeal with high quality, along with the easy-to-remove peelable lid, make this package an eye-catcher and convenient for the on-the-go consumer, the elderly or children. Optimal food safety is achieved through retortable processing, preserving the food's taste, flavor, color and vitamins. Product quality and freshness are preserved along the entire supply chain, including storage by the consumer until use. The product can be eaten directly from the can, so consumers can enjoy a tasty meal with a new level of ease, opening new marketing opportunities in value added segments such as salads, meat plate, fish and pet food. The can is also environmentally friendly as it is 100 percent recyclable.

The package provides food manufacturers with fast processing capabilities while delivering excellent barrier properties and a 3-year shelf life.

Peel Seam™ is a trademark of Crown Holdings, Inc.



Alcan Packaging - Medical Flexibles Americas - USA

The packaging of prophylactics can now be enhanced with TearAnywhere™ multilayer film extruded of olefin based materials, including mLLDPE, HDPE, and various high Tg materials. It is not moisture sensitive and does not become brittle over time or yellow with age. This aspect keeps white packages looking fresh and new. The addition of proprietary sealant technology allows packagers to reduce sealing temperatures and dwell times, resulting in an increase in line speed.

TearAnywhere™ is a trademark of Pechiney Plastic Packaging, an Alcan Company

EDV Packaging Solutions - SPAIN; Nestle France S.A.S. - FRANCE

Being safe, natural and healthy are essential components for the French baby food market to shift to plastic containers. The challenge was to design a package that was attractive to both babies and their parents with the added benefits of microwavable, light weight and non-breakable. The five layer thermoformed cups uses a PP/EVOH/PP sheet that is designed and coextruded using DuPont™ Bynel® adhesive as a tie layer to withstand the high temperatures of sterilization for maximum shelf-life up to 12 months. The shaped, transparent containers help differentiate the product on the shelf and is 100 percent recyclable. By shifting to these nested plastic containers, the manufacturer's transportation cost and warehouse space have been reduced.

DuPont™ Bynel® is a registered trademark of DuPont or its affiliates.

Hangzhou Zhengda Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. - CHINA

Made with a film structure of DuPont Teijin PET film and Dow PE resins, the novel pouch package design lies in a patented built-in straw. Inside the straw is protected from contamination and is easier and more consumer user-friendly. Building in the straw during the pouch forming reduces the processing passes, increases automation, and reduces production costs. While the first application was used for soy breakfast milk in China, the extension into other beverage packaging is under way, differentiating this highly visible package in the growing beverage market globally.

O'Keeffe's Company, Inc. - USA; Brand Navigation - USA

This unique market driven innovation creates a new product category in an entirely new channel of distribution. O'Keeffe's Company focuses on functionality. The low profile, polypropylene jar is a design and technical innovation featuring vibrant colors, palm sized ergonomic grip, and 1/4 turn lid with a translucent holographic three dimensional effect. Additionally, the "grip pak" can be marketed exclusively from the lid allowing merchandising versatility. The grip pak can be displayed in stand up trays, clip strips, floor displays, and gravity fed wire dispensers without the need for additional packaging. The thin structure uses less plastic and is 100 percent recyclable. Other potential packaging applications include cosmetics, personal care, and semi-solid food products.


Alcan Packaging - USA

Used for both wholesale and retail packaging, the ClearShield® high-barrier, bone-in-shrink bag technology is a unique coextrusion of polyethylene, polyamide and EVOH that is oriented using a proprietary process. The combination yields a film with outstanding puncture resistance, clarity, barrier and ease of use for packaging bone-in meat products. The technology produces packaging without requiring puncture-resistant patches to prevent puncture or breakage of the hermetic seal that would compromise safety and shelf life of the meat. Independent testing confirms that Alcan Packaging ClearShield® shrink bags have both superior shelf life and reduced in-plant leaker rates by more than 50 percent compared to standard patch bags.

ClearShield® is a registered trademark of Alcan Packaging

Alcan Packaging - USA; Cardinal Health - USA

Autopak® is a three-ply sterilization pouch comprised of a spun bonded, nonwoven bottom layer, a peelable coextruded polypropylene based middle film, and an outer top ply lamination of DuPont™ Dartek® nylon and polypropylene. These materials were specified to allow permeation of sterilization gases, barrier to bacteria penetration, easy peel, transparency and resistance to abuse. A wide variety of devices may be inserted before closing the pouch with the final hermetic end seal. The three-ply system also allows for faster and easier packaging of instruments and provides visual access to the contents while reducing cost associated with reprocessing instrument trays.

Autopak® is a registered trademark of Cardinal Health.
DuPont™ Dartek® is a registered trademark of DuPont or its affiliates.

Curwood, Inc. - USA; Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc. - USA

Jennie-O Turkey Store® "Oven Ready" frozen turkeys go from the freezer to oven with no thawing or preparation required. The new two-part packaging system combines an inner cook-in bag (not manufactured by Curwood) with an outer carrier bag. The outer bag consists of a reverse printed polyester layer extrusion laminated to a rigid, white sealant. Curwood applies its proprietary IntegraScore® opening feature vertically along one side of the package which enables consumers to open the bag without scissors or knife, thus preserving the integrity of the inner cook-in bag. Additional bag features include a comfortable two-hole carrying handle, high impact graphics and functional side gussets which allow the package to stand up and stand out in the freezer case.

Jennie-O Turkey Store® is a registered trademake of Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc.

IntegraScore® is a registered trademark of Curwood, Inc.

FFP Packaging Solutions - UK

Innovative in both design and technology, Esterpeel® Qbag offers a new packaging format that brings together the strength of aluminum foil with an innovative use of polyester heat seal technology. By using a heat sealed polyester window, the cook can see the process and peel back the window to stir, add ingredients or serve after cooking. The pack also works well in the oven, retaining moisture and texture for meats and vegetables.

Exterpeel® is a registered trademark of FFP Packaging Solutions

Gardner Technologies, Inc. - USA

By combining plastic technology with tradition, IC3 (3-in-1 Integrated Corkscrew) offers restaurant servers and consumers alike the romance of tradition coupled with unprecedented ease of use. The wine bottle is glass, but the capsule and reseal cap are injection molded ABS. The liner in the reseal cap and at the capsule-glass interface is a three-ply co-extruded foamed low density polyethylene core between two solid layers of low density polyethylene. Adding to the benefits of easy, tool-free natural or synthetic cork removal, drip-free pouring, and air-tight leak-proof resealing, the IC3 provides superior cork protection. It also offers 5-color spot printing 360 degrees around the capsule with excellent registration. It is also recyclable.

Graphic Packaging International - USA

Quilt Wave™ has laminated cells, or "quilts" which expand when exposed to microwave energy, bringing them into contact with the food product. This hot surface, immediately next to the food, drives away moisture and creates both maximum browning and crisping.

The advantages of Quilt Wave™ packaging include:

  • Generates high heat to crisp and brown many food products, including sandwiches, hand held entrees, pizza, and finger foods.
  • Dissipates heat quickly so it's not hot to the touch and is very safe to handle.
    Can be used as a cooking utensil to heat the food, and consumers can eat from the package.
  • Convenience which appeals to our "grab and go" society.

"We're excited about the response we've seen from consumers and retailers. The Quilt Wave™ package is ideal for convenience foods, which are a staple of our "on the go" society. We're literally changing the way Americans use their microwaves - and in the process, we're expanding the opportunities for microwave foods," said John McDonnell, marketing manager at Graphic Packaging International.

Quilt Wave™ is a trademark of Graphic Packaging International.

Ileos GmbH - Germany

Maria Galland presents a 'high value' cosmetic line in jars molded with DuPont™ Surlyn® resin and hot stamped and printed in different colors. The packaging optimization by long-term experienced Ileos GmbH with DuPont™ Surlyn®, based on changing the material of the jar from glass to Surlyn® and simplify technically the cap in ABS/PP with glued seals.

The new material and technical concept developed and produced by Ileos GmbH lead to a remarkable cost and weight reduction, maintaining high quality optics and warm touch. Energy consumption and recyclability contribute as well to a sustainable package solution.

DuPont™ Surlyn® is a registered trademark of DuPont or its affiliates.

Kapak, an Ampac Company - USA; The Jel Sert Company - USA; Seaquist Closures - USA

The introduction of the Energice® sport beverage in Kapak's patented QuadPAK™ standup-pouch offers a unique alternative to traditional plastic bottles or drink boxes. The polyester/foil/nylon/polyethylene structure acts and looks like a box, except it is flexible. The pouch consists of patented dispensing assembly with a polyethylene fitment and a spout topped off by a tamper-evident, easy-to-turn, swallow-resistant polypropylene closure. High-quality rotogravure graphics on all four panels create eye-popping shelf appeal. The printing, dispensing and four-panel structure exemplify state-of-the-art flexible pouch packaging.

Energice® is a registered trademark of Ascendia, Inc., a division of The Jel Sert Company.
QuadPAK™ is a trademark of Kapak, an Ampac Company.

Kunshan Jiapu Packaging Co., Ltd. - CHINA

The printing of high impact graphics and exceptional strength of the package design replace earlier technology with a unique five layer nylon coex and three layers of PE coex blown film. To guarantee seal integrity, Kunshan Jiapu Packaging used A/A and A/B adhesives for the heavy 5 kgs. bag of Pedigree® Dog food. Added to this benefit is the high clarity and high impact of the graphics using autogravure surface printing technology that makes alcohol based printing inks safer and more environmentally friendly.

Pedigree® is a registered trademark of Mars.

MeadWestvaco Healthcare Packaging - USA; AGI Polymatrix - USA

MeadWestvaco Healthcare Packaging's Shellpak™ is an innovative injection molded polystyrene package that uses rigid plastic to provide the highest levels of child resistance and senior friendliness to patients and consumers. Shellpak™ functions as a secondary pharmaceutical package for unit-dose medications - the plastic "shell" construction provides protection and child resistance for blister-packed medications and is especially well suited for friable tablets. The package has been designed for in-house fulfillment using standard high speed cartoning equipment. Shellpak™ can be customized to reflect brand image and provide differentiation for the product it transports.

Shellpak™ is a trademark of MeadWestvaco.

Metaphase Design Group - USA; Solo Cup Company - USA; DUO Product Design - USA

A breakthrough for on-the-go consumers is this easy-to-handle coffee lid to minimize hot, dangerous spills during transport. The lid is made of two pieces from polystyrene that are thermoformed and die-cut to create individual parts. Replacing the flip-up closure currently used for most hot drinks, the complete and secure closure on the Traveler Plus™ lid is a first in hot drink lids that allows the user to control flow rate by modulating the size of the opening. The recessed dome top provides greater nose clearance and requires less awkward tipping of the cup.

Traveler Plus™ is a trademark of Solo Cup Company.

Unilever Home & Personal Care - USA; Seaquist Perfect Dispensing - USA; Flurer Design - USA

The new aerosol hair product actuator uses a polypropylene random copolymer, acetal for the insert within actuator and a polypropylene over cap. The aesthetic design provides the consumer a way to accurately deliver hair product to the precise location. The long 'snout' of the actuator, acting as an extension of the finger, helps guide the consumer to target their hair roots and surpasses current dispensing techniques. This is the first known actuator designed to target internal hair style and offer longevity of style.


During the final review of the entries the panel of judges agreed that the following five packaging entries be awarded a Special Citation for a specific achievement in packaging. They are:

ChaoAn Wenhua Color Print Company, Ltd. - CHINA

By shifting to a stand-up gusseted pouch of a BOPP/VMPET/PE package structure, the Chinese Tea manufacturer increased market share and impressed the consumers with improved functionality. The environmentally friendly, easy open barrier pouch protects the product from air and moisture while the attractive printed package brings traditional natural beauty and design on the shelf.  

Curwood Incorporated - USA

The Curwood Large ABP® Absolute Bone-In Protection shrink bags (up to 42 inches wide) help bone-in meats retain their weights and freshness longer. The shrink bags are extruded monolayer biaxially oriented polyethylene copolymer blend film that is laminated to a 7-layer biaxially oriented film. The bag is wide enough for wholesale bone-in meat being transferred from the processor to the supermarket--offering exceptional puncture resistance, clarity and shrink.

ABP® is a registered trademark of Curwood Inc.

Flex Industries Ltd. - INDIA

Replacing the carton with a flexible package structure made of polyester/metallized/polyester/laminated film checks counterfeiting as the package can be used only once versus the traditional cartons. Additionally, the speed for printing, laminating, slitting and pouching flexible packaging is significantly enhanced versus traditional cartons.  


The Kellogg Company -USA; Metaphase Design Group, Inc. -USA

An ergonomically designed double walled vessel made of injected molded polypropylene makes the Kellogg® Drink 'n Crunch"® the ultimate portable breakfast for people on the go. Fresh milk is added to the outer cup and cereal is in the inner cup. When you drink, you get just the right amount of cereal and milk that is always crunchy and never soggy.

Kellogg® and Drink 'n Crunch® are registered trademarks of The Kellogg Company.

Shanghai Renmin Plastic Printing Company - CHINA

To defend against counterfeiting and to attract repeat customers, the Shanghai Johnson Company uses holographic metallized BOPP film for its line of products. The printed film is scratch resistant, doesn't fade and is more colorful than printing directly on the aluminum/iron surface.