2012 Packaging Award Winners

2012 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation Winners


Winners of the 24th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation

Innovative vacuum-packaging that reduces food waste by keeping meat looking and staying fresh longer took top honors in DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. Retail packaging that boosts shelf appeal, a robust packaging recycling project and modular industrial packaging that cuts waste and cost captured gold honors.

Several leading brands – Heinz, Kraft, Pepperidge Farm, Cadbury and Unilever – also took home diamond, gold or silver awards in the 24th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation, the industry's longest-running, global, independently judged celebration of innovation and collaboration throughout the value chain.

The 2012 diamond winner exemplifies the role packaging plays in helping to feed a growing population around the world.

“FreshCase® packaging technology for meat, selected by the Jurors as this year's diamond winner, addresses the important effort to help ensure food maintains its nutritional value and freshness,” said William J. Harvey, president of DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers. “In the face of a growing population with limited resources, food waste from spoilage must be greatly reduced, and innovative packaging solutions will play a critical role in that story.”

An expert panel evaluated 200 entries from 21 countries and awarded one diamond winner, five gold winners and 10 silver winners based on "excellence" in one, two or all three categories: Innovation, Sustainability and Cost/Waste Reduction.

Diamond & Special Award for ‘Food Security’ Winner

Excellence in Innovation, Cost/Waste Reduction and Sustainability

New Meat-Packaging Technology Keeps Meat Fresher Longer to Reduce Food Waste - FreshCase® Packaging for Fresh Red Meats by Curwood, Inc. – A Bemis Division - USA

FreshCase® packaging is the first-ever, vacuum package for red meat that maintains the meat’s appetizing color through a found-in-nature proprietary additive in the contact layer of the barrier package. Traditional vacuum-packaged meat is “purple,” deemed distasteful by many consumers who equate color with freshness. FreshCase® packaging also extends shelf life 10 times longer than store-wrapped meat. The combination of longer shelf life and more appetizing appearance promises to both reduce food waste and increase the availability of proteins in areas further away from food sources.

As an alternative for modified atmosphere (MAP) master packs and packages using EPS/PVC resin technology that dominate the case-ready meat segment, FreshCase® enables 75% less markdowns/waste than store-wrapped meats, less landfill waste and reduces packaging materials up to 75%, compared to other case-ready formats, thereby improving sustainability.


Gold Winners

Innovation  and Sustainability or Innovation and Cost/Waste Reduction

New Goldfish™ Bread Packaging Makes a Splash on Store Shelves - Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats® thin rolls and Goldfish Sandwich Bread™ (Flats) Packaging by Pepperidge Farm; CP Flexible Packaging; Printpack, Inc.; Sealstrip Corporation – USA

With their new package design, Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats® thin rolls and Goldfish Sandwich Bread™ (Flats) bring life to the bakery aisle and radically change how bread is displayed.

This new package features a horizontal flow wrap package made of a film lamination that provides excellent seal strength, tear resistance, increased barrier for longer shelf life and, with a reverse printing process, outstanding shelf appeal. Traditional closures are replaced with a pressure-sensitive Sealstrip® closure that provides excellent resealability, ensuring that the product stays fresh. Removal of the tray component enables 65% less material to be used. 25% more packages can be shipped in the same amount of space as the original package, resulting in reduced transportation costs.

This is an outstanding example of how innovation can be simple and affordable for consumers, while making a splash on store shelves.

Honored for Excellence in Innovation and Waste Reduction

Closed-Loop Recycling System Conserves Natural Resources and Engages Consumers - Ciclo Verde Taeq® – White Tea by Grupo Pão de Açúcar; Papirus – Brazil

Ciclo Verde Taeq® is a closed-loop system that brings recycled materials into the production of high-value products instead of being used to make lower value articles and enables societal benefits. Ciclo Verde Taeq® begins with the collection of recyclable materials at Grupo Pão de Açúcar stores, and all the materials are donated to cooperatives made up of more than 660 low-income families in Brazil. After sorting the materials, the cooperatives sell the cellulosic material to Papirus, a paperboard manufacturer, who sells its material to be used to produce new packaging for Taeq products. Since 2010, more than 600 tons of cellulosic material has been collected and used for Taeq packaging. This recycling system diverts materials from landfills, conserves natural resources, enables consumers to do their part for the environment and generates earnings for the low-income families.

Honored for Excellence in Sustainability and Waste Reduction

Multi-Dimensional Packaging Solution Combines Ready-to-Ship, Ready-to-Display and Ready-to-Sell Capabilities … and it’s Re-Useable - “THE CUBE®” (Packaging System) by Smart Packaging Systems; Acme Packaging, an ITW Co.; My Compadre,LLC; Impact Mfg.; Incrementia Inc.; One Way Display - USA/Canada

"THE CUBE® reinvents retail and industrial packaging, enabling merchandise to go straight from the manufacturer’s production line, onto a delivery truck and then right onto the retailer sales floor, eliminating costs while simultaneously increasing sales per square foot. The patented system overcomes many of the challenges facing materials handling: it reduces the number of pallets and amount of shrink wrap needed, eliminates the need for corrugated materials and enables an attractive, durable and effective display of the product. Labor needed to stack and display merchandise is reduced, and easy disassembly and reassembly makes it easy to reuse. Made of a special engineered 100 percent paperboard lamination and a combination of recycled and virgin fibers, THE CUBE® was the first design to meet the display labor savings and Environmental, ISTA Testing directives from WAL-MART.

Honored for Excellence in Innovation and Sustainability

Innovative Aerosol Dispenser Technology Cuts Use of Propellants - AirOPack® byIPS Innovative Packaging Solutions AG – Switzerland

AirOPack® is a new, innovative technology to dispense fluids, high viscosity liquids and creams by using a patented pressure control device that relies on air instead of conventional hydrocarbon chemical propellants.

This dispenser consists of a blow-molded plastic container fitted with a compressed air chamber and a pressure control device to protect against pressure drop, improve ease of use and ensure the maximum amount of product can be extracted from the container. Since it is made entirely of plastic it can be recycled after use. AirOPack® is very unique to the aerosol dispenser industry. Consumers can see the product. Replacing flammable propellant gas with air also eliminates adverse effects on the environment.

Honored for Excellence in Innovation and Sustainability

‘Flexible’ is Key in New Cost-Saving Packaging Dividers - ITB Packaging LLC Soft Flexible Divider by ITB Packaging, LLC – USA

ITB Packaging LLC developed a new manufacturing process to create high-quality packaging dividers that are easy to assemble and use, reducing labor costs. The dividers are made of lightweight, soft, flexible materials to cushion contents during transit and flatten when not in use, allowing for easy storage and transport. Compared with bulkier, more rigid, die-cut corrugated dividers, the ITB Packaging system significantly reduces shipping and storage requirements. ITB Packaging creates both reusable and expendable dividers.

Honored for Excellence in Innovation and Cost Reduction

Silver Winners

Easy-Open Condiment Package Helps Protect the Environment - Kraft YES Pack by Kraft Foods; Exopack; Foth Production Solutions, LLC; PE International; The Food Group; Smart Bottle, Inc.; – USA

The Kraft YES Pack, which stands for Yield, Ease and Sustainability, is an innovative and environmentally friendly flexible gallon dressing package. Yes Pack is designed to help Foodservice Operators manage costs and improve back-of-house efficiencies with improved dressing yield of up to 99 percent*. The dual handled design allows for easy carrying and the smaller spout provides precision pouring. Also, when compared to the production of the rigid gallon jug, the YES Pack is made with: 50 percent less energy, 60 percent less plastic, and 70 percent fewer CO2 emissions from transportation.

*compared to rigid gallon jug

Honored for Excellence in Waste Reduction

Electro-Conductive Packaging Helps Keep Frozen Food ‘Fresh’ - Ultra-Freshness Preservation Freezing System Using High “Electric Potential” and Electro Conductive Packaging by Mutsumi Chemical Industry Co, Ltd; SUN Electric Company, Ltd.; Enshu-Kasei Co. Ltd.; – Japan

The Ultra-Freshness Preservation Freezing System uses technology proven in the electronics industry to ensure food quality and increase both shelf life and appeal. This rapid-freezing system uses both alternating and direct current, high “electric potential,” at the same time to rapidly cool the product without oxidization, reducing the size of ice crystals that form in food cells. This process relies on a unique package design that includes an electro conductive bag made of L-LDPE and DuPont™ Entira™ AS. The combination of rapid freezing and the innovative electro-conductive bag preserves food taste and texture, reducing the amount of edible food thrown away.

Honored for Excellence in Innovation

New Bottle Design Dramatically Reduces Material Use, Increases Customer Convenience and Visibility for Shoppers and Reduces Cost - Short Neck Jar for Confy by Kraft Foods – Cadbury India Limited – India

To counteract the rising cost of raw materials, Kraft Foods redesigned bottles containing Cadbury products, reducing material use and allowing easy-open for the customer. The new lightweight Short Neck Jar replaces the traditional long-neck, screw-cap design with a short-neck, snap-fit cap, greatly reducing the amount of material used, maintaining stability and enabling to maintain all functional requirements of the jar. The market response is extremely positive.

Honored for Excellence in Cost/Waste Reduction

Simplified Closure System Reduces Waste, Cost and Supply Chain Complexity - Project Galvanise for Ponds Talcum Powder by Hindustan Unilever, Ltd – India

Project Galvanise replaces the previous three-piece plastic closure of Ponds Talcum Powder with a two-piece rotating cap. The new bottle design increases shelf appeal, and the tamper-evident plastic cap ensures that the consumer is getting the ‘genuine’ product, resulting in a 9 percent increase in market share. The snap-fit cap is easily assembled to the new round shape of the bottle and eliminates the need to orient the bottle during filling. Project Galvanise achieved significant cost savings and reduced polymer material savings use by 640 tons and 200 tons of PVC shrink sleeve elimination.

Honored for Excellence in Cost/Waste Reduction

Desiccant Laminate Decreases Contamination Risks in Pharmaceutical Packaging - Formpack Dessiflex™ Plus by Amcor Flexibles Singen GmbH – Germany

To provide extra protection for moisture-sensitive capsules, Amcor developed the Formpack® Dessiflex™ Plus for cold-formed blister packaging. The desiccant is included in the sealing layer of the blister bottom foil, thus eliminating the need for a separate desiccant material and protecting each blister cavity individually. This extends shelf life of the product and increases its stability ––significant factors in the pharmaceutical industry.

Honored for Excellence in Innovation

Jewel-like Brilliance Achieved in Premium Injection Molded Cosmetics Jar - Sulwhasoo Harmonizen Regenerating Cream jar by AmorePacific – Korea

Using insert injection molding, Amore Pacific achieved a new level of design innovation with its Sulwhasoo Harmonizen Regenerating Cream jar. This process removed the gap between the inner cup and the outside packaging, eliminating light refraction that would diminish the appearance of the inner graphics. The outside packaging easily adheres to the inner cup with DuPont™ Surlyn® 3D overmolding technology, offering transparency and additional aesthetic appeal. The brilliance of the inner cup graphics shine out, giving the premium cream jar a jewel-like appearance.

Honored for Excellence in Innovation

Microwaveable Food Tray Cuts Cost, Waste through Responsible Sourcing - Weight Watchers® Smart Ones® Environmentally Friendly Tray for Frozen Entrees by H.J. Heinz; Pactiv Foodservice – Food Packaging – USA

Traditional CPET microwaveable trays were replaced with a hybrid material combining polypropylene with calcium carbonate, a common natural mineral. The new frozen-food entrée tray reduces green house gas emissions by more than 45 percent during production, compared with CPET. Weight is reduced more than 15 percent and plastic use is reduced more than 40 percent, compared with previous designs. Environmentally friendly trays also are less brittle, reducing waste due to breaks during production and eliminating one of the top consumer complaints of broken trays.

Honored for Excellence in Cost/Waste Reduction

Consumer-Inspired Design Revolutionizes Laundry Experience with Tide PODS Liquid Unit Dose Laundry Detergent - Tide PODS Liquid Unit Dose Laundry Detergent by The Procter and Gamble Company and MonoSol ; Plastipak Holdings Inc.– USA

This new, brightly colored liquid unit dose product is the first three-chamber unit dose in this category, offering an ultra-convenient, 3-in-1 laundry detergent that cleans, fights stains and brightens. Tide PODS eliminates spills and the need to measure and pour liquid detergents. The pre-measured unit dose pack uses a specially-developed film that dissolves completely in the wash, even in cold water, enabling consumers to reduce energy use by washing more loads in cold water. Tide PODS tubs, made of 25 percent recycled PET, and the stand-up bags, reduce plastics use by 50 percent per load and total packaging material use by 11 percent per load compared to liquid laundry detergent bottles. Each Tide POD unit dose delivers great Tide cleaning in a form that is twice as compacted as liquid detergent today.

Honored for Excellence in Cost/Waste Reduction

Packaging Differentiates High-End Pet Food - Laminate with Hot Foil Stamping, Matte Surface and High-Definition Flexo Print by Mondi Coatings & Consumer Packaging GmbH - Austria

In the competitive, premium pet-food market, Mondi Lindlar GmbH helps Interquell’s Happy Dog pet food products differentiate themselves on retail shelves with a unique and extraordinary packaging solution. The design features silver embossed 3D lettering, a matte material surface and high-definition flexo print. The distinctive, high-end package combines blind, flat, or relief embossing on plastic laminate and high-quality, high-definition printed images with sharp outlines and colors to create a remarkable design.

Honored for Excellence in Innovation

Microcellular Technology Keeps Food Containers Cool or Hot - InCycle® CPET Tray and Cold Party Cup by MicroGREEN Polymers, Inc. – USA  

Through the use of the ad-air solid-state microcellular plastics process, MicroGREEN Polymers uses non-reacting, recycled CO2 gas to thermoform recycled PET plastic rolls into inherently insulating trays and cups. The CPET trays and the cold party cups are 45 percent lighter than their solid plastic counterparts and are respectively 70 percent and 60 percent less dense, resulting in lower thermal conductivity. This allows consumers to handle CPET trays straight from the oven without being burnt and keeps the beverage in their cold party cups refreshingly cold, while providing significant environmental benefits.

Honored for Excellence in Cost/Waste Reduction


“The common thread was a focus on collaboration,” said lead DuPont Awards juror Brian Wagner, vice president, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, a HAVI Global Solutions Direct Company.  “It wasn't just one company doing it by themselves; they leveraged their suppliers strategically. There was a real focus on consumer insight on the impact of packaging at shelf and throughout the user experience.”

The innovation represented by the DuPont Awards winners is one part of the solution needed to improve global food security.  For more information on DuPont's initiatives to address food security issues, visit http://foodsecurity.dupont.com/.

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