BCM Inks - Closed Loop Ink System


“A DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation is a badge of honor.  It lends credibility to the packaging innovation.  We saw sales increase 20 percent after we won a DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation.  We believe that’s because we won and because of the publicity surrounding our win.” 

Rob Callif, Vice President, BCM Inks, USA

Ink Producer, Recovery Company Collaborate on Zero Waste to Landfill Program

In 2013, BCM Inks USA, Inc. partnered with Close the Loop materials recovery company to create a closed-loop system for used inkjet cartridges that result in zero waste to landfills. Close the Loop recovers the plastic and remainder ink from used cartridges.  BCM Inks uses the recovered ink to develop a new water-based flexographic ink called ‘PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) Black’ to print on corrugated shipping containers. One drum of PCR Black stops approximately 200,000 ink cartridges from going into a landfill. This recycling process recovers about 30 million ink cartridges a year.