Ecovative Design - EcoCradle Mushroom® Packaging


“Winning a DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation created a surge of interest and inquiries into our new packaging solution.  The buzz from the award really facilitated the conversation that led to us eventually signing a licensing agreement that took our packaging solution to an entirely new level.”

Sam Harrington, Ecovative Design Marketing Director 

Natural Solutions and Bio-Adaptation Thinking Yield Triple Bottom-Line Solutions

In 2011, a team from Ecovative Design captured the coveted Diamond DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation for thinking completely outside the box and looking to nature to find an innovative, cost-effective, all-natural solution for protective secondary packaging used for items such as electronics. EcoCradle Mushroom® Packaging is grown from mycelium (mushroom "roots") and regionally sourced agricultural byproducts, like cotton burrs and oat hulls. EcoCradle Mushroom® Packaging is completely composed of ultra-rapid renewable resources and is also home compostable. It is a cost-effective and sustainable replacement for Styrofoam or other materials used in protective packaging.