Sigma Alimentos - Mexican Deli Meat


“The experience of participating was great, not only because we were given the opportunity to share our innovative package with the world, but because of the network that was created with DuPont and other global companies. I encourage all companies to participate in this experience.”

Marcelo Garza Garcia, Packaging Innovation, Sigma Alimentos  

Snap-Top Package Ensures Freshness for Mexican Deli Meat

In 2014, Sigma Alimentos – Mexico along with Sigma Alimentos  research & development, marketing, and processing departments, Multivac and Winpak – Mexico earned a Silver DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation for introducing to the Mexican market, the San Rafael ham package, which keeps ham fresh throughout multiple uses. The re-closeable package from Sigma Alimentos features a snap top that gives an audible click when the top is secure, reassuring consumers that the lid is in place to keep the meat fresh and free from contamination. This easy-to-open package also makes the product more accessible to consumers.

“Participating in the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation was a new challenge for our company.  One of the core values of Sigma Alimentos is Innovation Spirit, so we found in the award an opportunity to highlight some of the projects that are the result of living up to this value.  This award is the sum of the effort made by Sigma´s packaging and marketing team, who worked for months in collaboration with equipment and material suppliers to create a differentiated package that brings many benefits to our consumer.”