Commitment to Improving Lives and Creating Value in the Marketplace Catalyze Innovation in the Packaging Industry

WILMINGTON, Del., June 23, 2016 – Innovation in the packaging industry is driven with a clear sense of purpose and responsibility for improving consumer lives and creating value in the marketplace, according to nine of the industry’s leaders, gathered this spring to judge of the 28th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation.

Reflecting on their participation in the awards process, the judges were captured on video in the final of a six-part series on packaging trends, released today, discussing the importance of fostering packaging innovation, sharing knowledge across the globe, and contemplating how and where advancements in packaging add value.

“The packaging award criteria reflects the right intersection of science, environment and consumers because all of them are extremely critical to the success of the product in the market,” said Sanjay Ghoshal, senior director and global head, Packaging, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. “Most of this packaging will eventually go to create value for human lives; that’s really very inspiring for me.”

Also in agreement was Amazon’s Senior Manager of Supply Chain Packaging Suzanne Fisher: “The packaging awards criteria reflects todays’ trends because … the three main criteria include … technology, responsible sourcing, responsible packaging, as well as making sure that the consumer is having a great experience.”

Speaking on the focus on the consumer, Lead Judge David Luttenberger, CPP, global packaging director for the Mintel Group, said: “The packaging competition really reflects not only what’s going on with trends today, but what we’re seeing emerge. What I have seen is a [greater] focus on the consumer.”

Sharing knowledge on innovation from across the globe is a top priority of the judges. “The packaging awards program … truly represents the best of the best ... recognizing excellence in packaging around the globe. It also gives you perspective on what great things are happening in the packaging spectrum globally,” explained Jeff Schuetz, staff vice president of Global Technology Consumer Packaging at Sonoco.

Expounding on that theme, Eduardo Yugue, R&D packaging manager, PepsiCo, Brazil, offered: "The DuPont Packaging Awards are important to the industry because they help the companies developing new innovations and also recognizes that innovation has been launched in the market … it’s an opportunity to compare different packaging innovations and trends from different parts of the world.” Mars Global Petcare Packaging Sustainability Director Colin Yates agreed: “I think this awards program stands out … one, it’s global; and secondly, it recognizes [achievements] across the supply chain, not one any specific area.”

The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation is the industry’s longest running, global, independently judged celebration of innovation and collaboration throughout the value chain and is recognized globally as the leading packaging awards program. The international competition honors innovations in packaging design, materials, technology and processes.

The independent panel of packaging experts from across the globe evaluated nearly 200 entries from more than 25 countries, selecting a total of 22 winners. Previously released videos in the series feature the judges’ discussions of: (1) the latest trends in packaging design; (2) the biggest challenges facing the industry; (3) the global challenges that can be addressed by packaging innovation; (4) how lifecycle sustainability assessement is central to today’s packaging design; and (5) the sense of collaboration, responsibility and dedication to consumers that is prevalent among packaging innovators.

The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation’s Diamond Award recognizes one entry which truly excels in all three categories: technological advancement, responsible packaging and enhanced user experience. The newly inaugurated Diamond Finalist award, given to six companies, acknowledges the growing number of packaging innovations that excel in all three categories. As a result of ground-breaking, cutting-edge excellence in the packaging marketplace, judges awarded a new Leadership in Innovation Award. The judges awarded five gold winners and nine silver winners based on “excellence” in one or two categories. Learn more about the awards by following DuPont Packaging on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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