Newest Online Modeling Tool Simplifies Tie Layer Selection

DuPont Packaging Asks: ‘How Valuable is Your Time?’

WILMINGTON, Del., June 18, 2012 – The second in a series of online predictive modeling tools from DuPont Packaging promises to simplify tie-layer material selection, a critical step in multilayer packaging design.

“Selecting the right co-extrudable adhesive ensures dissimilar polymers bond – and stay bonded from manufacturing through consumer use,” said Barry Morris, Ph.D., DuPont Packaging technology fellow. “In today’s world, designers have hundreds of options and their performance varies based on the packaging structure’s manufacturing process, the contents of the packaging, the environment that the packaging is exposed to – selecting the right adhesive is critical; it doesn’t have to be frustrating.”

DuPont, which supplies the world's broadest range of specialized co-extrudable adhesive resins, offers the DuPont™ Tie Resin Selector as the first step in selecting the best resin.  Users start by identifying two materials to be joined together and the Selector provides a short list of recommended grades of DuPont™ tie resins grouped by type of extrusion process. 

The Selector includes links to data sheets for recommended grades, to other relevant literature and to a customer service contact for sample ordering and inquiries. Its database includes more than 40 grades of DuPont™ Bynel® coextrudable adhesives plus several grades of DuPont™ Elvax® EVA copolymer and DuPont™ Nucrel® acid copolymers. 

“Identifying the right candidates early in the design process can help avoid expensive, iterative trials and, of course, costly errors late in the process,” said Morris.  “It’s also a global tool with answers tailored to special needs in each region.”

The Tie Resin Selector is the latest addition to a suite of tools that DuPont uses with its customers to help optimize packaging structures and processes. Two of these are now available on the web; the other is the DuPont™ SAVE tool for calculating total packaging cost using alternative sealants.


“DuPont computer modeling and simulation tools save development costs and time by helping our customers identify cost-effective material combinations and processes,” said Mike Hiteshew, DuPont Packaging global eMarketing leader.  “Stay tuned for more web-based tools in the future.”

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