Easy train maintenance and cleaning solutions

DuPont products for the railway industry to protect, maintain and clean.

DuPont products are suited to more than just cleaning surfaces of every kind.  They are used for protecting textile covers from stains, exterior and interior areas from vandalism or simply to ensure that surfaces remain easy to clean.

  • Nonporous surfaces

DuPont™ Corian® does not support the growth of bacteria nor fungi and it resists staining, due to its seamless integration and nonporous structure. - -- Available in more than 100 colors.

-    Anti-vandalism resistance.
-    Reduced maintenance.
-    Outstanding graffiti performance.
-    Compatible with all common graffiti removers and cleaning agents.

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  • Durable tracks

DuPont™ Typar® Geotextiles provide reliable long-term performance for civil engineering and construction projects. With over 25 years of experience in rail tracks stabilization and filtration, this unique nonwoven fabric made of thermally bonded continuous polypropylene filaments has proven it excellent quality and service in railways applications.

-    Stabilizes, reinforces and increases the service life of the track structure
-    Under the ballast layer, reduces contamination risks and maintenance/replacement needs
-    In drainage trenches, used to wrap the gravel layer to prevent soil particles from clogging the drain
-    Long term filtration performance, even under heavy traffic
-    Resists to acids and alkalis

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  • Fabric protection

DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector is the industry leader in durable water repellence & stains and soil protection for textiles. It enables fast and efficient cleaning by helping keep textiles looking new.

-    Prevents stains in daily use
-    Protects against oil and water based stains
-    Protects against dust and dry soil stains
-    Easier to clean
-    Prevents stains during assembly of seats and vehicles
-    Reduces damages of fabrics
-    No impact on breathability, look, touch, feel or color of textiles
-    Offers superior resistance to abrasion for Textile longevity
-    Compatible with flame retardant performance standards

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