Life Cycle Cost

Economic Viability and Quality – Life Cycle Cost

Durability, high wear resistance and low maintenance costs of equipment in the railway industry characterize the high quality products of DuPont.

High strain on rail networks requires the most durable materials. The life of a train car or section of track, the on-going cleaning, weight reduction, duty cycles, maintenance and upkeep costs, are factors as important as the original investment. The solutions developed by DuPont are characterized by high cost effectiveness and the highest quality.

  • Nomex® honeycomb Ultra-lightweight materials

Up to 50% weight reduction with DuPont™ Nomex® honeycomb Standard side panel used for trains building aluminum honeycomb compared with DuPont™ Nomex® honeycomb. See more here

  • Hytrel® Flexible and durable plastics

Rail pads made of Hytrel® perform better and 3 times longer than those made of rubber. Ideal for parts requiring excellent flex fatigue and broad use temperature (heavy haul lines). See more here