Light Weight

Save on cost with lightweight materials

DuPont offers products and systems that enable lighter design in the railway industry.

For years, DuPont has developed forward-thinking products and systems that impress with their lightweight designs.  In trains, the standards for safety, more comfort and higher speed are increasing. Lightweight structures help reduce energy consumption and lower costs of your rolling stock.

  • Flexible and durable plastics

DuPont performance polymers combine the flexibility of rubbers, the strength of plastics and the processibility of thermoplastics that make them ideal for parts requiring excellent flex fatigue and broad use temperature while saving up to 50% weight compared to traditional metal substrates.

-    Ideal for parts requiring excellent flex fatigue and broad use temperature
-    Resists tearing, flex-cut growth, creep and abrasion
-    Offers strength and stiffness plus outstanding toughness while resisting hydrocarbons and many other fluids
-    Can be processed easily by conventional thermoplastic processes, such as injection moulding, blow moulding, calendaring, rotational moulding, extrusion and melt casting
-    Flexibility at low temperatures and good retention of properties at elevated temperatures
-    Lighter weight: up to 50% compared to traditional metal substrates

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  • Ultra-light weight structures

DuPont™ Nomex® honeycomb enables composite structures with the ideal balance of thermal, barrier and light weight performance.

-    Up to 50% weight reduction versus aluminum honeycomb
-    Weight reductions resulting in increased speed, improved fuel autonomy, increased payload or ability to carry more accessories
-    Maximum robustness for minimum weight with no compromise on toughness
-    Improved comfort due to intrinsic sound and vibration reduction as well as heat insulation (reduction of condensation)
-    Inherent heat and flame resistance
-    Does not burn, does not melt, does not drip (self-extinguishing)
-    Meets Fire Smoke Toxicity standards, such as the most stringent ones in the aircraft, marine and rail industries
-    Good heat insulator, electrical arc resistance and permanent anti-static
-    Corrosion free and no galvanic action: durability, longer service life, maintenance savings

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