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BELCO® Scrubber Technologies for SOx, NOx & Particulates

BELCO: Reliable and Efficient Reduction of Flue and Exhaust Gas Emissions

Worldwide Emission Control by BELCO

Belco Technologies Corporation (BELCO) is a DuPont company.

BELCO provides robust flue and exhaust gas cleaning systems to meet clean air regulations with minimal maintenance and operational requirements. For over 40 years, the engineering and process experts at BELCO have designed, customized, built, and delivered reliable and efficient systems for particulate, SOx and NOx reduction, as well as control of other pollutants and mists, across a wide range of applications.

BELCO can meet your organization’s complete air emissions control needs on land and at sea.

As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, BELCO is committed to designing and supplying the very best quality and value. Through close customer collaboration, we can meet your organization’s complete air emissions control needs on land and at sea. We are with you at start-up and can help you maintain peak efficiency throughout your system’s operation. BELCO is proud to help shipping and refining businesses worldwide grow their enterprise while reducing their environmental footprint. 

BELCO® Refinery Systems BELCO® EDV® wet scrubbers for fluid catalytic cracking units (FCCUs). BELCO is the world industry leader in reliable oil refinery scrubber technology. 

BELCO® Industrial Systems Emission control solutions for industrial processes. BELCO® EDV® wet scrubbers have been installed on fluid cokers, fired heaters, boilers, calciners, and carbon black furnaces.

BELCO is based in Parsippany, NJ, USA, with satellite offices in over 15 countries across the globe.