DuPont™ Marine Scrubber

DuPont™ Marine Scrubber for Ship Exhaust Gas Cleaning

Engineering Clean Air for over 40 Years

The DuPont™ Marine Scrubber for ship exhaust gas cleaning reduces sulphur (SO2) and particulate emissions from ship engines, generators, and boilers. Our scrubber systems enable ships to meet sulphur emission limits as required by IMO MARPOL Annex VI regulations without switching to low-sulphur fuel.

The DuPont™ Marine Scrubber is designed and supplied by the clean air experts at Belco Technologies Corporation (BELCO), a DuPont company. Our core team includes experienced naval architects and marine engineers who understand the unique needs and challenges facing our marine customers.  

Formerly the BELCO® Marine Scrubber, our scrubber is now lighter, shorter in height, and uses even less energy, all while retaining its original design benefits. 

The DuPont™ Marine Scrubber is still a slim, low-pressure drop, open tower vessel that fits within the existing funnel and does not require fans. The DuPont™ Marine Scrubber can be installed on any ship, from tankers and cargo carriers to ferries and cruises and everything in between, on new builds or existing vessels. We offer a variety of designs to meet any need.  Learn more about our scrubber designs here.

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