Exhaust Gas Regulatory Requirements for Marine Industry

Get Ready for 2020 Global Sulphur Cap

The DuPont™ Marine Scrubber Gets You in Compliance

Emission Control Areas (ECA) under IMO Annex VI

North America and much of Northern Europe (in red) are currently ECA zones. Other areas (in yellow) are pending.

Futureproof your fleet against expected rising marine diesel oil (MDO) prices and lack of MDO fuel availability with the DuPont™ Marine Scrubber



The International Maritime Organization (IMO), the regulatory authority for international shipping, made the decision to implement a global sulphur cap of 0.5% Sulphur (%S) fuel in 2020 during the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) 70 meeting in London in October 2016. 

Abatement technology such as a DuPontTM Marine Scrubber is the only way to continue shipping operations as usual with heavy fuel oil of up to 3.5%S content while remaining in compliance come 2020.



Since 1 January 2015, IMO MARPOL Annex VI requires all ships located inside of designated Emission Control Area (ECA) to use fuel with a sulphur content not exceeding 0.1% sulphur, or to employ an abatement technology that can be used to reduce SOx limits to a level that would be produced by the sulphur-in-fuel limits. Other ECAs are being announced in addition to IMO ones (see table for details). 

A DuPont™ Marine Scrubber enables any vessel to meet sulphur emission limits without switching to expensive low-sulphur fuel when entering an ECA. This economic and highly reliable compliance option allows for "business as usual" bunkering. With a scrubber, there is no need for fuel-switching. 

The DuPont™ Marine Scrubber has “Run Dry” capability and no by-pass, allowing vessels that travel in and out of ECAs to comply as efficiently as possible with its slim design. One scrubber can meet 0.1%S and 0.5%S requirements. 




North Sea 0.1 January 2015
Baltic Sea 0.1 January 2015
Remaining EU Waters 0.5 January 2020
North America  0.1 January 2015
Hong Kong 0.5 July 2015
China (Select Ports)  0.5 January 2017