DuPont™ Marine Scrubber Design Highlights

  • Reliability and Design Differentiation

    Unique space-saving features and reduced moving parts make the DuPont™ Marine Scrubber the best and most reliable choice for your ship.

  • Slim Scrubber Tower Design

    Slim design allows for easy installation in the existing funnel, in retrofits and new builds. Slim towers reduce weight and space requirements, reserving more of the vessel for carrying the people, goods, and products that make profit.

    No By-Pass Required: Tower Designed to Handle “Run Dry” Conditions

    The DuPont™ Marine Scrubber is designed to handle hot exhaust gas even if the scrubber is not running and no water is being sprayed. This allows operators to easily move in and out of Emission Control Areas without the need for a bulky bypass.

    Scrubber is an Open Tower with No Packing

    There are many ways to design a scrubber. Over the decades, the engineers at BELCO have learned that the best, most reliable scrubbers for SOx removal are open towers. Open towers are low-pressure drop and cannot get clogged with soot and other particulates, reducing maintenance concerns. Open towers are also lighter in weight.

    DuPont Has Removed the Need for Fans for Engine Exhaust Cleaning

    Fans use a lot of energy, and like all mechanical equipment, fans can have maintenance problems over time. The inline, low-pressure drop system means fans are not needed to move engine exhaust gas air through the scrubber.

    Single-Inlet and Multi-Inlet Designs

    Single-Inlet design is for a single exhaust gas source that vents to a dedicated scrubber. Multi-Inlet design is for multiple exhaust gas sources that vent to common scrubber. All configurations designs are low-pressure drop.