BELCO® Refinery Systems

BELCO® EDV® Wet Scrubbing Systems

At the core of the BELCO Refinery Technology is EDV® Wet Scrubbing technology.

EDV Wet Scrubber

Refineries and other industries choose BELCO® EDV®  Wet Scrubbing to control emissions from critical processes that must ALWAYS be in operation and compliance - 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year for multiple years without ever shutting down.

 EDV® Wet Scrubbing technology is the global standard for controlling refinery flue gas emissions from Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs), fluid cokers, fired heaters, and boilers.   BELCO® also offers emissions control systems for combustion processes, steam generation, carbon black plants and other applications.   Our proprietary EDV® wet gas scrubbing systems reliably achieve very high levels of pollutant control for SOx, NOx, fine particulate matter, heavy metals, and other pollutants.   BELCO® has provided over 100 EDV® Wet Scrubbing systems for FCCUs.  Over 200 EDV® Wet Scrubbing Systems are installed in refineries, industrial plants and municipal facilities worldwide.

EDV® Wet Scrubbing is an extremely robust, low-energy wet scrubbing technology that features a unique open-vessel design and special non-plugging features. It is the world standard for controlling FCCU flue gas emission, enabling four to seven years of continuous, un-interrupted operation to fully support FCCU operating campaigns.  FCCU upsets are handled without need of shutdowns.  EDV® Wet Scrubbing allows refiners to concentrate on operations to produce products, not on emission control and compliance.

LoTOx™ NOx Control:  This wet scrubbing based NOx reduction technology provides greater than 95% NOx reduction without the problems normally associated with SCR systems.  NOx compounds are oxidized at low temperature using ozone.  LoTOx™ process is applied as part of an EDV® Wet Scrubbing system, allowing for a truly integrated, multi-pollutant reduction solution.  BELCO® has provided over 30 LoTOx™ systems on FCCUs.  Additional EDV® Wet scrubbing systems on FCCUS are configured to easily add a LoTOx™ process in the future. The LoTOx™ process is available exclusively for refinery FCCUs, fired heaters and boilers from BELCO® under license from Linde LLC.  

Advanced Third and Fourth Stage Separators (TSS/FSS) for Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs): Licensed from Shell Global Solutions, the TSS/FSS is used to accomplish very high reductions of catalyst fines emissions from FCCU flue gas. The TSS/FSS is applied at high temperatures and high pressures, and can be designed for Turbo Expander protection and/or environmental control. We provide these leading systems to the global refining industry for FCCU applications on a material supply basis.

BELCO®, EDV® are trademarks of DuPont.  LoTOxTM is a trademark of Linde LLC.