Global Engineered Solutions (GES) for Sulfuric Acid Alkylation

Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Services and Support

As the world leader in sulfuric acid alkylation technology licensing, DuPont brings unparalleled expertise to existing refineries seeking to optimize, expand, revamp, maintain or troubleshoot their operations and equipment.

Global Engineered Solutions (GES) experts are an integral extension of our STRATCO® alkylation teams, and leverage the sulfuric acid alkylation know-how DuPont has obtained through our world-leading STRATCO® technology licensing solutions. We provide a comprehensive suite of products, solutions, and ongoing support to existing alkylation units with a focus on reliability, operability, the environment, and safety.

Expert Solutions with Valuable Results

Our technical professionals have over 80 years of experience in sulfuric acid alkylation. GES experts can help your organization with everything from throughput and yield optimization to uptime and reliability improvements, as well as chemical and acid consumption. We offer mechanical integrity assessments, equipment replacements, process troubleshooting, energy optimization, capital effectiveness, safety assessments, operator training, and more.

Solutions, Products and Services for Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Units

Reactor Solutions

  • Contactor™ hydraulic head mechanical seal and drive train technology improvements   
    Refurbished to like-new condition with complete assembly and run test. Includes weld overlay services and specialty coatings application in a climate-controlled environment.
  • Replacement and retubed 1" and ¾" tube bundles
    The ¾" tube bundle offers 35–40% more heat transfer area for a given Contactor™ reactor volume.
  • Contactor™ shell replacement and repair
    Includes Contactor™ motor replacement as well as impeller, spider assembly, circulation tube, Contactor™ shell, and more. Metallurgy upgrade options for Hastelloy® C available.
  • Tube inserts technology
    Designed to improve flow distribution in the tube bundle, allowing more uniform cooling across the bundle to maximize overall heat transfer and tube bundle life.
  • Metallurgical upgrades
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings
  • Replacement parts and components

Unit Optimization Solutions

  • Operations assessments
    • Sulfuric acid alkylation unit design and performance review
      An on-site review of plant design, operation, and performance, producing an in-depth report with specific prioritized recommendations for improved plant safety, performance, and operating procedures.
    • Effluent treating system design and performance review
      An on-site study focused on effluent treating system equipment, procedures, and performance.
    • Acid blowdown and neutralization system evaluation

  • Technical service
    • HAZOP
    • Troubleshooting
    • Turnaround
    • Start-up
    • Shutdown

Training Solutions

  • Operator training simulators
    A dynamic simulator programmed with real-life emergency scenarios for improved operations response and procedures training. Emergency scenarios include acid runaway, power failure, instrument failure, improper feed lineup, and more.
  • Operator training courses and programs
    A comprehensive training course tailored to your STRATCO® alkylation unit configuration. The contents are flexible and can be customized to your special interests, providing constructive training for both new and experienced engineers and operations personnel.

Process-Critical Equipment Solutions

  • Coalescing media and vessels
    Designed and manufactured to separate immiscible liquids in alkylation unit feed coalescers, acid settlers, effluent treating and depropanizer feed treating wash drums, and other separators.
  • Static mixers
    Designed for proper contacting of hydrocarbon and acid or aqueous streams in alkylation unit effluent treating and depropanizer feed treating wash applications.
  • Reaction Zone Monitoring System (RZMS)
    A complete package, with panel-mounted ratio glass, acid sampling system, and acid analyzer for on-line acid strength and acid-to-hydrocarbon ratio in STRATCO® Contactor™ reactors. DuPont-approved acid correlations are downloaded into transmitters.
  • Acid Transfer Monitoring System (ATMS)
  • Acid sampling systems
    Designed for safe, closed-loop acid sampling in the field. Includes panel-mounted acid sampling procedures.

Design Solutions

  • Test run and existing alkylation unit simulation
    On-site reviews that include sample and data collection. Our refinery services experts use this information to set up a simulation (to match test run conditions), test equipment limitations, and identify debottlenecking opportunities. An excellent precursor to an expansion study.
  • Unit revamp and expansion studies & process designs