Asphalt Paving Systems

Increase Road Longevity & Improve Asphalt Performance

Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier works where pavement performance matters most.

DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier creates a permanently improved bitumen-based binder that delivers long-lasting performance in well-engineered pavements.

Pavement reinforced with Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier can take higher loads longer, sustaining smoothness and roadway safety.  In addition, using Elvaloy® RET modifier can help make pavement last longer - in hotter climates, colder ones, or both.  Elvaloy® RET often improves high-temperature performance, as well as cold-cracking resistance.

Asphalt modified with Elvaloy® RET can be compacted faster than other asphalt modifiers, allowing contractors to pave faster and more easily.

DuPont has developed expertise in asphalt paving systems and collaboratively works with asphalt producers, contractors, highway engineers and infrastructure investors to help them each find benefits to their paving projects.  DuPont provides access to top scientists and state-of-the-art equipment to enable testing and tailor-made support for customers with diverse requirements all across the world.