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Roofing Products to Help Improve Overall Building Performance

Protect roofs from water with DuPont™ RoofLiner materials, engineered to delivered superior performance and ease of installation.

DuPont Roofing Products, including DuPont™ RoofLiner roofing underlayment, offer better water holdout and durability than traditional roofing felt.

DuPont™ RoofLiner is several times stronger than traditional roofing felt, and resists tearing and blow-offs better. And, because it’s lightweight, DuPont™ RoofLiner makes installation easier.

From replacement to new construction, DuPont Roofing Products help contractors meet the high-performance requirements of today’s home roof systems. RoofLiner also provides the security of a 30-year limited warranty and Class “A” fire rating per ASTM E108.

Premium Roof Underlayment



  • Water Protection for Roofs

    DuPont™ RoofLiner is an easy to install, lightweight roofing felt alternative that holds out water better than roofing felt, and is easier to install. Backed by a 30-year limited warranty.


  • DuPont™ RoofLiner

    DuPont™ RoofLiner is an innovative synthetic roofing underlayment engineered for water protection during construction and durable water protection after the roof is complete.


  • Premium Roof Underlayment

    DuPont™ RoofLiner Premium Roof Underlayment Protects provides lightweight, durable, trusted protection.