DuPont Building Innovations and Virginia Tech partnership

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DuPont Building Innovations and Virginia Tech partner to design futuristic building materials

DuPont Building Innovations and Virginia Tech will partner on the development and design of futuristic building materials as part of a new fellowship established by a recent gift from the company.

“We’re excited to partner with Virginia Tech and use our building science to better meet customer needs,” said William Ranson, technology manager, DuPont Building Innovations. “Together, we will help develop new applications that can make buildings more sustainable and better equipped for the needs of the future.”

Virginia Tech Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute Tim Long said the partnership builds upon an existing strong relationship between Virginia Tech and DuPont, a company that specializes in the science and engineering of new polymeric products, materials, and services.

Long said DuPont already had a strong presence on campus, with representatives serving on departmental advisory boards, and this collaboration will build on that presence.

“This award really represents a key partnership for Virginia Tech because DuPont is located within the Commonwealth,” Long said. “Having DuPont in close proximity to Virginia Tech represents an exciting opportunity for our students.”

The fellowship will link DuPont’s Building Innovations business and its Richmond team with Virginia Tech. The two organizations will collaborate on workforce development for students and sustainable business solutions research.

“This is the first foray into tailoring polymeric materials for the architecture of the future,” Long said. “The gift will be important because it will nurture a better awareness of next-generation materials needs for future housing, specifically as it relates to energy and water management. Water and energy management are two of the most pressing challenges our students will face in the workforce of the future.”