Water Protection for Roofs

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A Synthetic Roofing Underlayment for Superior Water Protection

Protect roofs with a tough, easy to install premium synthetic roof underlayment, for a trusted secondary layer of water protection.

DuPont™ RoofLiner is a premium synthetic roof underlayment that can provide excellent water protection and ease of installation, as a roofing felt alternative, under a range of roof coverings.

Superior Material, Superior Performance

DuPont™ RoofLiner roofing underlayment  is made with DuPont™ Elavoy® copolymer. Backed by decades of proven roofing performance, Elavoy® imparts copolymer durability and flexibility to roofing membranes, to protect during construction, and provide secondary protection under a range of roof coverings for years after installation.  Compared to traditional roofing felt, DuPont™ RoofLiner is stronger and lighter, and more resistant to tearing and wind blow-offs.

Professional Grade Peace of Mind

DuPont™ RoofLiner has a Class A Fire Rating per ASTM E018 and is covered by a 30-year limited product replacement warranty for builders, general contractors, and professional installers.

High Compatibility

DuPont™ RoofLiner can be used on any roof with a 2:12 slope or greater, and is suitable for use with all types of roof covering materials listed in ICC-ES AC-48, Section 3.0 (U.S.), and CAN/CSA A220.1 (Canada).It is suitable for both residential and commercial new construction, as well as re-roofs.

Wet WeatherReady

During the construction phase, DuPont™ RoofLiner creates a water-shedding barrier that keeps rain and snow from intruding into roofs and attics. After construction is complete, DuPont™ RoofLiner continues to perform as a secondary water barrier, and can help improve the overall life and integrity of the roof.

Maximum Coverage

With fewer overlaps, seams and fasteners, DuPont™ RoofLiner offers maximum coverageon new construction applications, as well as re-roofs. For re-roofing applications, shingles must be removed prior to installation of DuPont™ RoofLiner.

Easier Installation

DuPont™ RoofLineris lighter in weight and less labor-intensive than traditional roofing felt. One 10-square-footroll covers as much area as approximately five rolls of roofing felt. So there’s less time spent on material handling.