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Good Shepherd Medical Center Decontamination Room

PROJECT: Decontamination Room
LOCATION: Good Shepherd Medical Center, NorthPark
ARCHITECT: P. Anne Hugman, AIA | Hugman Design Build Longview, TX
PRODUCT: Futrus® Casework System

Decontamination Room

Good Shepherd Medical Center (GSMC) encompasses four hospitals and a multitude of clinics in the greater East Texas area. GSMC NorthPark Medical Plaza has 77,000 square feet in addition to the 23 room, full-service emergency department and dedicated decontamination room.


“The modular nature of this casework system provided easy installation, without compromising on the valuable features of Corian®,” states Priddy-Sigmon.


Hugman Design Build helped GSMC develop a state of the art emergency department at their NorthPark location to address the growing needs of the community and address their decontamination preparedness. Clinical Director Nikke Martin, BSN, RN states, “the [decontamination] room was design based on after action reports from our main facility in Longview. The lessons learned from having to deploy a tent, decontaminating people outside in undesirable environmental conditions and the delay of care were a driving force in the inclusion of a [dedicated] decontamination room at our new NorthPark ED.”

The decontamination room serves a vital role in the event patients are brought to the facility who need to be rid of harmful chemicals or, in other cases, it may be used as an isolation room. The room design must assist the hospital staff perform their job of removing contamination in the most efficient manner. Surfaces must be moisture resistant, monolithic, capable of being cleaned with harsh chemicals, seamless and able to be hosed down after use. Martin states, “a properly outfitted room can be used repeatedly and decontaminated [easily] after each use.” In order to meet the stringent material performance properties and design requirements of the decontamination room environment, Hugman chose the Futrus® Casework System.


Designed to meet healthcare guidelines, the Futrus® Casework System is constructed using DuPont™ Corian® solid surface skins and light-weight, moisture resistant structural framing in a process patented by Futrus®. This provides structural durability in wet environments, where it will not warp or twist, and a surface capable of withstanding cleaning and exposure to harsh chemicals. The FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities for decontamination rooms stipulate that each room must include handwashing facilities, work counter(s), and patient care storage. These surfaces must be smooth, monolithic, non-porous, not-adsorptive, and scrubbable. Dawnelle Priddy-Sigmon, Interior Designer (RID) of Hugman comments, “all code and guideline requirements were met with the Futrus® cabinets.”


Inside the decontamination room a wardrobe, seamless wall mount sink with apron and upper cabinet provide functional storage and work areas. These surfaces are all made with DuPont™ Corian®, providing another added layer of durability and protection. “The modular nature of this casework system provided easy installation, without compromising on the valuable features of Corian®,” states Priddy-Sigmon. In order to provide further efficiency and flexibility the units arrive on site ready to wall mount on continuous supports.


“Futrus was quick to get back with me on pricing and specifications...and I had everything that I needed in a matter of days” further states Priddy-Sigmon. Mark Allen, President of Futrus® adds, “We strive to provide our clients with a tailored solution that adds value, while also meeting their budgetary and functional needs.” Tailoring the designs also enables Futrus® to create casework solutions for any type of commercial or healthcare environment.