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Futrus® Parsons Table 

Food Service Tables
Summit at Lantana, The Summit Café

The Summit at Lantana, in Austin, Texas, features over 818,000 square feet of best-in-class office space. The goal was to create a multi-functional, collaborative café environment where people can gather during the day to both eat and work.

The project required a state-of-the art table solution that could meet the following requirements:

  • Durability
  • Warranty
  • Ability to customize size and color
  • Technology integration

Intelligent Design

Futrus® Parsons Tables are constructed using DuPont™ Corian® solid surface and moisture resistant structural framing, in a unique process patented by Futrus®. This provides complete internal and external structural durability even in wet environments, making them easy to clean and maintain. GSC Architects, noted that “The Corian® surfaces meet the food vendor cleaning and maintenance standards, whereas similar table solutions, did not.” Corian® solid surface is NSF/ANSI 51 Certified for Food Equipment Materials.

Futrus® Parsons Tables | Corian® Glacier White

Summit at Lantana, The Summit Café, Austin, TX

Futrus® Parsons Tables

Designers embarked on combining two facility designs, a football stadium and student union building, by creating an activity hub within the heart of campus.

Futrus® Parsons Tables

The space was designed to offer a dining space and to serve as a gathering place for the students and campus organizations.


Futrus® Parsons Tables are made primarily with Corian®, offering greater durability when compared to traditional materials like laminate or plastic, which are prone to chipping and peeling. Stains and scratches can be buffed out to keep the surfaces looking and performing as if new, to help ensure years of uncompromised performance. Each table comes with a 5-year warranty. As GSC Architects highlights, “Previous tables weren’t able to withstand much use ... these tables can meet the demands of a cafe that serves over 400 people a day.”

When it comes to value, GSC Architects add, “The Futrus® Parsons Tables are a little more expensive, however Futrus® is the leading option in function, performance and warranty. These were deciding factors, as opposed to price alone.”


Futrus® Parsons Tables can be specified in any size. As Julie Zitter, Senior Associate of GSC Architects notes, “Most manufacturers who offer parsons tables have fixed sizes. We were able to design the tables to fit the exact dimensions needed.” The tables are available in over 120 Corian® colors and patterns to compliment any design scheme, the designers chose, Corian® Glacier White. Futrus® offers the ability to specify and incorporate modesty panels in any color or texture into the design, to add further vibrancy to the overall aesthetic. Casters can also be added to make the tables easy to relocate.

Technology Integration

The Futrus® Parsons Tables can be customized to incorporate power and data grommets, providing a multi-function space for both eating and working. Corian® Charging Surface for mobile devices can also be seamlessly integrated into the surfaces for added functionality.


Mark Allen, Futrus® President, explains “Futrus Parsons Tables offer a great deal of customization to suit the needs of any application. We work with architects and designers to tailor our solutions to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of the space. Our unique, patented construction methods provide structural integrity and ensure years of uncompromised performance, all backed by our 5-year warranty.” GSC architects add, “The Futrus® Parsons Tables have been a great success... offering a place to work and dine. Individuals naturally gravitate to the Parsons Tables.”


PROJECT: Summit at Lantana, The Summit Café | Austin, TX
INTERIOR DESIGN: GSC Architects in Austin, TX
PRODUCT:Futrus® Parsons Tables in Corian® Glacier White

PROJECT:The University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, Bawcom Student Union | Belton, TX
INTERIOR DESIGN: GSC Architects in Austin, TX
PRODUCT: Futrus® Parsons Tables