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Elegant Kitchen Sinks

Endow any interior with effortless elegance — without sacrificing performance.

Large, small, single, double, urban, rustic: Corian® kitchen sinks offer a large range of design and color options to help the most demanding designers realize their creative visions. And durable, nonporous Corian® kitchen sinks are as easy to maintain as they are pleasing to the eye.

Corian® Large Single Kitchen Sinks:   When space is no concern, discerning designers choose Corian® large kitchen sinks. Elegant, extravagant, and available in a range of timeless colors, Corian® large kitchen sinks combine durability with beauty — in a big way.

Corian® Compact Single Kitchen Sinks:   Combining big-city beauty with the high performance needed in a New York studio apartment, Corian® single sinks are available in a range of colors to complement any interior.

The Corian® Vaso Collection:   Available in a range of classic colors, a sink from the Corian® Vaso Collection will provide an added touch of elegance to any room.

The Corian® Farm Sink:   An attractive country-style addition to any large kitchen, the Corian® Farm Sink features a large work area and is available in a range of elegant colors.

Corian® Double Kitchen Sinks:   A touch of contemporary style that complements any modern design, a Corian® double sink also affords an extravagance of working room for your high-performance kitchen.

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