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Corian® Charging Surface for your Business

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Charge up your business

Add wireless technology to keep customers in your business longer

The perfect combination of design and technology! Corian® Charging Surface integrates into any solid surface area in your space allowing you to wirelessly power your customer's devices and keep them in your business longer. Wireless charging can be integrated into any Corian® or Zodiaq® surface, meaning you can still aesthetically achieve your desires while creating a interactive environment for your customers. Wireless charging seemlessly integrates into the surface giving your business a clean, sleek look. In today's world, having a phone on low battery isn't an option! Make your business the place where people go to recharge this essential lifeline.

Two options are available that can give you added insights into your customers through a connected network. A dashboard shows unit utilization and customer length of stay. While remote diagnostic services and customer engagement tactics offer real-time capabilities.