Planning a more hygienic kitchen with DuPont Corian® and Zodiaq®

Now more than ever, preventing the spread and transfer of germs, viruses, and bacteria seems to be on everyone's mind. But did you know that some of the best ways to keep your family healthy start with having an easy to clean, hygienic kitchen? An easy to clean and hygienic kitchen doesn't need to look like a cold, sterile laboratory. Today, there are many innovative products and materials available that make it easier to maintain amore sanitary kitchen without sacrificing warmth and style.

Start with a simple built-in hand soap pump. You'll find them in a range of finishes to match your faucets and some of the latest models even offer touch less technology. And speaking of faucets, imagine how much you'll reduce the spread of germs with one of these models that turns on and off with a simple touch. Of course, areas used for preparing food and cleaning dishes are constantly being exposed to new and different germs. So, it's important to be diligent about keeping these surfaces clean and sanitized. One of the easiest ways to do this is starting with nonporous countertop material, such as Dupont™ Corian® solid surfaces and Dupont™ Zodiaq® quartz surfaces. Because these are nonporous, with proper cleaning, Corian® and Zodiaq® resist the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Most of the colors are NSF certified for food contact and unlike marble and granite, Corian® and Zodiaq® don't require surface sealants that wear away over time and need to be reapplied. To reduce the number of areas that dirt and bacteria can hide, choose plain cabinet hardware that can be easily cleaned. And to prevent deep scratches on your counter, which can harbor bacteria, always use cutting boards. You may even want to use different color cutting boards for different types of food to avoid cross-contamination. A seamless Dupont™ Corian® sink is a great way to eliminate germ hiding sink edges and caulk lines. These are integrated right into your Corian® countertop, creating a seamless transition. And for extra ease of cleaning, choose a seamless coved backsplash.

Creating a beautiful, healthy kitchen is simple when you start with the right materials. You'll have a space that's easier to clean and more enjoyable to work in. And one final tip, if the head cook in your household isn't feeling well, use that as a good excuse to order out.

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