DuPont Safety and Sustainability Forum 2013: Panel Session Videos

The Safety and Sustainability Forum, a DuPont Sustainable Solutions executive forum, took place in Dubai on September 24, 2013. This forum provided insight into how organizations can help protect, unlock and extract value through HSE improvements which can lead to sustainable growth. 

Keynote and Panel Session Videos:

Sustainability ROI: Extracting Critical Value from Sustainability

Jim Weigand, President, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, discusses Sustainability ROI: Extracting Critical Value from Sustainability during the keynote address.

Panel Session: Evolving Beyond the License to Operate 

This panel highlights why reputation remains a key focus of sustainability efforts, as well as the means through which companies can evolve toward an operating model in which sustainability efforts deliver shared value for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Panel Session: Unlocking Value by Doing More with Less

Panelists discuss how they are doing more to unlock value and meet financial performance commitments while taking on more responsibility in the areas of people management and development, environmental footprint reduction, profitable and sustainable deployment of capital, and maximized utilization of existing operations.

Panel Session: Achieving Operational Excellence through Operational Discipline

From protection of company reputation to releasing cash from improved operations, panelists discuss the role and impact of operational discipline on the bottom line of their enterprises.

Summary Panel Session

Panelists discuss common themes within and across each panel session from the forum.