Sustainable Growth and Competitive Advantage through Local Development

Davide Vassallo
Angela Fratila
DuPont Sustainable Solutions

As the mining industry grows, its burgeoning thirst for water and energy has brought it into direct competition with local communities. In order to reconcile with these external stakeholders and create a more sustainable growth model, companies are beginning to invest in infrastructure and build local capacity for environmental management. The challenge, however, lies in the ability of industry to leverage these local content strategies in conjunction with all stakeholders to build industrial capacity in a sustainable manner. The task of implementing a successful local content program is complex, requiring a strategic long-term view spanning the entire asset life cycle, comprehensive and consistent measurements, extensive stakeholder engagement and internal calibration via the development of a robust sustainability culture. This article will detail specific methods for developing such a strategy given these requirements, and also how to move from a reactive to a proactive approach to local content, based on best practices developed in DuPont facilities. Further, it will reflect on the means through which mining companies can build stakeholder confidence and further social and economic development within the communities in which they operate.

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