Traversing a New World: DuPont Makes a Case for Focusing on Local Development in Latin America's Mining Industry

Davide Vassallo
DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Energy & Mining International
Summer 2012

The Latin American mining industry is expected to grow significantly over the next five years.  The contribution of mining to the local community comes in many forms.  The value that is acquired by a community through the development of local capacity, use of local sourcing, and capital expenditure management can be termed “local content”.   DuPont Sustainable Solutions experts believe that implementing a successful local development, or local content, program requires a strategic long-term view that spans the entire asset lifecycle, comprehensive and consistent measurements, stakeholder engagement and the development of an internal sustainability culture.

In this article, DuPont Sustainable Solutions expert Davide Vassallo, discusses the drivers for local content initiatives, the benefits of such initiatives and the metric developed by DuPont to measure such initiatives.

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