Are You Really Reducing Your Highest Risk Exposure?

DuPont and safety are intertwined and have been synonymous for over 200 years. It should not come as a surprise given that the company’s roots are in the manufacturing of gunpowder as far back as the infancy of our nation. Much has changed since then,and the world has joined in embracing the critical importance of safety within operations regardless of their nature.

The most widely-used and accepted safety report card is the measure of Total Recordable and Lost Time Injuries or TRI and LTI, respectively. According to these lagging indicators, most organizations, at least in North America, have made significant strides in safety performance in the past few decades with a growing focus on employee safety, hazard awareness and prevention. But, before we proclaim victory, serious injuries and fatalities are trending in the opposite direction.

Continue reading here to understand how DuPont Electrical Safety Network (ESN) set the ground for DuPont serious injuries and fatalities prevention process.