How to be a Safer Patient 

Tips brought to you by DuPont Sustainable Solutions

1. When doctors or other clinical staff are communicating information to you about your care, medications or procedures, always ask questions if there's something you don't understand.  6. If you are facing surgery, be sure to talk with your caregivers to confirm the correct surgery site before you receive anesthesia or have a family member work to confirm for you. 
2. Be sure to tell your caregiver about any medications you are or have been taking including vitamin or nutritional supplements.  7. If your child is the patient, ask questions to make sure that the hospital or emergency room has child-sized supplies or equipment since children are not small adults. 
3. Don't rush through any forms you are asked to sign in the hospital. Be sure you understand the details of what you are agreeing to. 

8. If you have hearing or vision problems, make sure your caregivers know that. 

4. If you or a loved one is feeling weak the chances of a fall increases. Never hesitate to ask for assistance so that a dangerous fall can be avoided. Also never lean on furniture with wheels at home or in the hospital.  9. If you have any medication or food allergies, make sure your caregivers know that. 
5. Make sure you observe caregivers washing their hands before they care for you. Don't be afraid to speak up to avoid a possible life-threatening infection.  10. If people you have never seen enter your room, always ask to see their identification. 

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